Maseno University Christian Union

By | April 24, 2019

Maseno University Christian Union, Maseno University has for a long time not had a prayer day in its calendar. However since the arrival of the new DVC, things have not remained the same.This unfolds after the institution had its first ever prayer day on the 20th of February.

The much anticipated day finally came and was graced by many learned fellows including the new deputy vice chancellor who championed the matter in conjunction with the main Campus Christian union headed by Perminus Kariuki as the Chairman.

The guest speaker was none other than one powerful Mr Joseph Likavo. The Varsity Plaza stands tall in the city, its grandicity tells it all. All other buildings bow before it. Well, it is a fine Sunday morning, on the seventh floorof the same building. The time is around 8.00 am in the morning. Something good is taking place, something that will forever change the face of the university. A baby is born.

The labour room is uncommonly quiet as the man of God speaks. The leaders of the Christian union are on their knees. The rest of the congregants are amused, not by what is taking place but by the occasion in itself. That the Christian union is being launched is too good to believe. Especially after a long time of resistance from the administration citing lack of space in the admired varsity building.

The students are passionate about the services and cannot wait for Sunday to come. (I am extremely excited about the same).Despite the ongoing revisions for the main exams, students are thirsty for the word and ready to serve. The students are happy by the fact that the long awaited Sunday services have kicked off and the timing is convenient as the services end by 9.00 am and they can do other activities.

The union is fast growing and have planned for a funds drive to buy instrument for the Union on the 22nd of this month. However there is already a keyboard in place donated by the patron Dr. Ayere. Kudos! (KCMCU)