Daystar University Athi River Campus Hostels

By | June 20, 2019

Daystar University Athi River Campus Hostel, The university administration continues to address concerns raised by students on both campuses. At the Athi River Campus, repairs have been going on in earnest, especially in the ladies and men’s hostels. Today we focus on progress in the DUPA Hostel.

Ms. Eudias Irungu, a Third year student residing in DUPA gave her remarks: “So far I am thrilled about the repairs that have been done especially the drainage; however, there are some showers, hanging lines and floor rooms that are yet to be repaired.”

DUSA President, Ms. Karwithia Kirimi shared her thoughts as well, “Drainage is being fixed and they are almost done. There’s more to be repaired though, quite some fixes not yet done such as showers, bulbs, some sinks on the ground floor and third floor.” However, she confirmed that the ones that have already been repaired are well done.

The DUPA Hostel Resident Administrator Ms. Naomi Obunga confirmed that repairs had indeed drainage had been completed. “There is one right at the entrance which needs to be well placed so as not to leak water. The bathrooms and kitchens that were really bad have been repainted and there is someone currently going round repairing the showers that had faults.”