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By | June 18, 2019

Strathmore University Kenya Masters Courses, the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc. IT) programme is uniquely designed for information technology graduates who aspire to improve and broaden their technical skills as well as the leadership skills needed to design, build, integrate and manage information technology systems and programs, and consistently tune IT strategies and offerings in alignment with the enterprise’s business goals and processes while learning the application of business principles. This combined skill set offers an edge to MSc.

IT graduates by giving them ability to bridge the gap between fundamental technologies and business strategies thus bringing impactful value to the business.

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Master of Science in Computer-Based Information Systems 

This programme sheds light on technical, managerial and policy issues associated with constructing and managing computer-based information systems for businesses in modern day organizations. The program offers an in-depth exploration of the ever-growing challenges enterprises face and the critical information technologies used to manage those challenges. This program is designed to accommodate students from wide ranging undergraduate degree backgrounds. The course provides a foundation in key areas of IT ranging from strategic management, project management, network infrastructure management, enterprise data management technology all of which are key to an IT related Job.

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Master of Commerce 

The Master of Commerce programme will allow you to learn more about your chosen subject area, critically view the world and carry out an independent piece of research. These knowledge, skills and competencies mean MCOM graduates are well-prepared for professional roles and business consulting. The course equips you with the advanced skills and knowledge required for a high-level position in industry, business and government. The course offers specialisation in such areas as general accounting, forensic accounting, environmental accounting, finance, marketing, international business management and operations management.

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Master of Applied Philosophy and Ethics

The Masters of Applied Philosophy and Ethics programme is designed to develop your moral reasoning and critical thinking skills in the service of an engaged life. The programme focuses on the interaction between moral practice and ethical theory to build a bridge between the world of academic study and the “real” world of practical affairs and day-to-day life, especially for those working in areas which will benefit development. The theoretical background in ethics offers an understanding in the implications of legal and political frameworks for ethical argumentation.

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Master of Science in Mathematical Finance 

The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance programme is designed to prepare students to further pursue careers in finance. The programme entails a strong mathematical background to educate you in state-of-the-art mathematical and quantitative finance. Key industry leaders such as financial institutions, investment banks, and commodities firms rely upon highly sophisticated mathematical models to identify, measure, and manage risk. These models require professionals with extensive skills in both finance and mathematics.

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Master of Science in Statistical Science

The Master of Science in Statistical Science is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the concepts and practice of statistics and related fields. Graduates are prepared for positions of responsibility and expertise in the industry. The course aims to provide opportunities for enhancing graduates ability in understanding of statistical modelling of physical, biological and economic phenomena so they can contribute to applied research and development in industry, commerce and research.

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Master of Science in Biomathematics

The Master of Science in Biomathematics provides numerous opportunities for individuals trained in a quantitative discipline, such as mathematics, with additional training in topics that are essential to tackling biological problems. The objective of the programme is to produce graduates with a rigorous foundation in the mathematical modelling of biological systems and with practicability.

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