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By | June 13, 2019

Strathmore University Business School, In our endeavour to transform leadership in Africa in the 21st Century, Strathmore Business School (SBS) has taken the responsibility of influencing leadership of public and private sectors in the continent. This we believe is our overarching mission at SBS; Service to Society through the development of international executive business management and leadership programs.

Since its inception in 2005, and coming at a time when the world and Africa face extraordinary challenges, SBS’s mission to develop transformative business leaders is even more relevant.

The bewildering rate of change in new ethical and governance challenges increases the demand for great ethical leaders with a passion for excellence. Such leaders will make wise decisions that balance short-term considerations with the achievement of long-term objectives.

All this, while playing out in a globalised environment, demands that the leaders are not only aware of their local challenges, but are also prepared to fight it out in an international arena, both in the East African region and beyond.

By the use of globally tried and tested teaching methodology using case studies, using both local and international faculty, while at the same time partnering with local industry experts who draw and localize the experiences on the ground, we ensure that our programs foster a culture of continuous learning.

SBS has recently been ranked third in the Webometrics ranking of b-schools in Africa which, for a young business school like ours, is really a reflection of our commitment to excel and surpass older and more established institutions in the continent.

Welcome to our website where you will find full details of our programmes, faculty, research, alumni, our partners and associations as well as our advisory board.

Our Mission

Our mission is “service to society through developing virtuous leaders by providing world-class executive management education in a local setting”.

Our Vision

“To be a premier business school in Africa with international repute”.

Our Values


In the combination of knowledge and experience, we develop the whole person within a framework of ethics to attain unity of life.


Convinced that our success is only measureable in the calibre of our graduates, we continuously seek to improve them and ourselves in work well done in an atmosphere that nourishes our spirit and intellect.


We commit to pioneering world-class standards in executive management education, research and application of business knowledge.

We ultimately seek to provide a service and an enabling environment that leads to the development of each individual into an ethical leader at personal, organizational and society level consequently resulting in True Personal Transformation through Virtue.

A Firm Foundation

Strathmore was started in 1961 as an A-Level College by a group of professionals, who were inspired and encouraged by Saint Josémaria Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. In 1966 the School of Accountancy opened to train accountants for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and in 1991 the university introduced Information Technology Courses. Over the years Strathmore University with a student population of over 5000, has become one of the most respected private universities in the region.

A Unique Concept

Think for a moment about our beautiful continent—diverse in people, rich in culture and natural resources and well known for its hospitality. SBS captures these themes in one business concept: Developing Great Business Leaders.This is in perfect harmony with the founding principle of Strathmore University: that of leading society to greater development through service to all people without discrimination.

International Character and Participation

Our key partner, IESE, has for many years been affiliated to Harvard University and linked to top universities the world over. Certificates will incorporate both the Strathmore and IESE crests. Our research,business industry partnerships and very top international education partners help us to realise our vision.

SBS provides its participants with a world-class learning environment, where they can share and reflect on their experiences and develop new ideas that will lead their companies into a new era.

Our Advisory Board is composed of top Professors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. It reflects our international partnership with top business schools in Europe, Africa and USA.

The synergy of local and international business participation will build a strong and firm basis for the growth of your business.

A Culture of Ethics and Learning

SBS encourages participants to aim for high ethical standards. We realize that the potential of Africa lies here and we can take Africa forward to a world where commitment and respect for each person form a strong basis for business decisions.

Case studies are selected from the best international business schools. The group interaction and participatory approach to teaching gives the participants a chance to analyze new business problems, while sharpening the business decision-making skills.

Focus on People

SBS knows that it is people who matter. People are the heart of any organization and key to sustaining any organization. People are always our main focus in all we do. We give you personalized management education, with special emphasis on human and ethical values.

Strong Research Basis

The foundation for all Strathmore Business School programs is provided by international faculty and the research they carry out. SBS works closely with Strathmore Research and Consultancy Company (SRCC), which also undertakes research and maintains links with industry so as to keep our learning at the cutting-edge.

A Pioneer in Standards

Strathmore University, its alumni and its partners have always been at the forefront of business education and standards.. It is the first university in Kenya to become ISO 9001:2000 certified.


Strathmore University Press (SUP), established in 2004, gives each participant an opportunity to read the latest research and conference writings. The press also gives you a chance to write and share your reflections with the academic world.


Our alumni span the globe; this provides a great opportunity to build business networks. The composition of the Executive Education participants and MBA for Executives allows for exchange of ideas with peers in various sectors. Strathmore University Foundation in the USA is one such initiative, which brings together our international alumni.

What Makes Us Different?

  • International faculty.
  • 50 years of experience producing qualifications of international standard.
  • Research.
  • Combining academic rigour with real-life application.
  • Powerful networking.
  • A beautiful Kenyan environment and world-class standards and maintenance.
  • A serious commitment to the individual and the community.
  • Strathmore is ranked among the best in everything it undertakes.

Be Remembered, Donate an SBS Chapel Pew

Last year, Strathmore Business School (SBS) celebrated 10 years of service to society through the development of virtuous leaders, by providing world class management education in a local setting. But a transformation through virtue is achieved by an interplay of wisdom, that is, the development of the whole person within a framework of ethics, and the continuous seeking of improvement of everyone, through work well done in an atmosphere that nourishes both spirit and intellect.

SBS is part of Strathmore University, a leading not-for-profit institution operating in Kenya which has her roots in Strathmore College, an ‘A’ level college which was started in 1961 by a group of professionals with great Christian human development ideals. Indeed, the College and the institutions that have emanated from it have greatly contributed to the transformation of Kenyan and African societies over the past half century.

Strathmore’s Fund raising history

Strathmore’s great contribution to the development of society has over the years benefited from the generous financial, material and human support, besides prayers, from many people who have all directly or indirectly benefited from its activities. Indeed, this is the case with the support received from its current students and alumni.

The amazing rate of change in new ethical and governance challenges increases the demand for great ethical leaders with a passion for excellence. Each of SBS’ management programs highlight the humanistic view of people and leadership as well as they deepen its positive impact on business and society.

The Business School is uniquely positioned to provide relevant and high quality educational programs greatly needed by the continent for the attainment of Africa Vision 63 development. But to succeed in this task, while maintaining high standards and continually expanding its African foot print, the generous help of more and more benefactors who believe in its mission is called for.

The SBS Chapel

SBS firmly believes in work well done and that this has to, inter alia, be offered to God, Almighty Creator, through the services of a priest. The role of the chaplaincy, therefore, is to offer worship to God, to bring blessings from God to the entire Business School and to assist in the spiritual needs of those who so wish.

The chapel is clearly at the heart of the spirit that drives the Business School and will be used by many people, while studying and working in the School. But more than anything else, the chapel is at the centre of SBS’ mission of a spirit of service to society, greatly necessary for a virtuous transformation of leadership in Africa, hence any support of the same, would yield high returns, albeit intangible.

The Importance of Your Donation

Getting the Chapel ready has cost almost Kshs40 million, made up of KShs27 million for construction works, KShs 5.7 million for liturgical items and Kshs6.5 million for fittings.

There are a total of 30 pews, each costing Kshs70,000, which we trust will be donated by a few of our esteemed students, alumni and their families, with each such donation being recognized by a personalized, “DONATED BY ——-“ Plaque on the donated pew.

But given that there are very few pews donations for them will be accepted strictly on a First Come First Served basis.

In addition to the Pews we welcome donations for any other Chapel item.