Multimedia University Of Kenya Sports

By | May 20, 2019

Multimedia University Of Kenya Sports, Several Sports and Games are offered at the Multimedia University of Kenya. These Sports and Games are categorized as Indoors and Outdoors. Available indoor activities include Table tennis, Scrabble, Chess, Pool, Badminton and Darts, just to mention a few.  Outdoors sports include track or field athletics, football, rugby, basketball, hockey, handball, volleyball, netball, softball and others.

The teams participate in various National leagues, University leagues, Universities games and sports days. The University has an excellent team responsible for coaching, managing and supervising and administering sport activities in the university.

The University is endowed with a wide variety of sports facilities and equipment necessary for indoor and outdoor sporting activities. Pitches and courts are available for all ball games.

There is a swimming pool at the University Club House and Jacuzzi $ Sauna. A state of the art gymnasium for aerobics, weight lifting and squash is almost complete.  Sports and recreation rooms are also available in various students’ halls of residence for indoor games and martial arts.