Maseno University Timetable

By | April 29, 2019

Maseno University Timetable, Maseno University E-Notice board is an online notice board where students can read and get informed of the current events and get updated on notices and announcements.

Students are also allowed to to add comments or inquire for more details about some information if it is not very clear.This posting is controlled in a way that the administrator has to approve them before they get displayed for other users to see.

The site is customizable, that is, it can be accessed form any mobile device that has internet capabilities.

The site displays information in a convenient layout that that supports accessibility and navigability. The  information dispayed generally includes examination time table, opening and graduation dates, course time-table events such as sports, tours, debates or any other useful information that the the university wants the students to be informed.

Users of this site are mostly students.

Download Maseno University Timetable