Maseno University Latest Updates

By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University Latest Updates, Maseno University website has emerged the best improved among others in Kenyan Universities to emerge second in the Webometrics University Ranking. The ranking is based on the evaluation of the University’s websites content, effectiveness, openness and its efficiency in disseminating information to the world audience.

The latest ranking places Maseno at position 21 in Africa and 2053 in the world. This is a tremendous improvement from the last ranking which placed Maseno at third position in Kenya and 31 in Africa. The University has also done well in the presence and impact rankings. The rankings are at 

Considering that just over a year ago Maseno University was not ranked even among the top 100, the current ranking is a proof that Maseno University is a Centre of Excellence where students and faculty have adopted Information Technology in all its programs.

The ranking gives Universities added advantage in international recognition and linkages, scholarships awards, and also augment their marketing efforts by attracting more students. Maseno University has made remarkable efforts in modern research, teaching and publishing of academic research works which have been captured in the website. 
The website has provided platform for online accessibility of information to the University’s faculty and students hence the high traffic to the website which has also been a factor in the ranking. The eLearning programs have also attracted many visitors to the sight.