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By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University Latest News, A lecturer from Maseno University and his alleged girlfriend said to be a nurse, were found unconscious in his office in a case that has baffled the police.

The lecturer who teaches Community Health was found forming in the mouth inside his office in Kisumu.  According to a security officer at the campus, the lecturer was seen entering his office around 11am. The lecturer was allegedly in very high spirits.

“When I was doing my normal security rounds, I found his door open and both of them unconscious. The woman had her trousers and underwear down at the knees,” said the security guard who raised the alarm prompting some of the lecturer’s colleagues to call the police.

“I found the lecturer leaning on his chair with his lips covered in a white substance. The woman was lying on the floor with foam in her mouth,” said the security guard who found a syringe that was said to have contained Pethidine drug.

According to Dr Makokha of Alupe Hospital, Pethidine treats severe pain and “has been traditionally used during childbirth as its effects are short-lasting… it works on your nervous system and brain to reduce the way you feel pain. Pethidine can be taken by mouth as a tablet, but it is more usually given as an injection,” Dr Makokha explained.

The police took the pair to the university’s clinic for first aid. The lecturer recovered after 30 minutes while the woman came to after one and a half hours. She was however still dizzy. The two were later referred to a hospital near Kibuye Market None of them allegedly reported at the hospital, with the womanchoosing to rest inside the lecturer’s saloon car.

Kisumu County Police Commandant Nelson Njiri confirmed the incident and told The Nairobian that the woman was the lecturer’s girlfriend. But what baffled police were “four bottles of restricted Pethidine drugs, empty drug sachets and an empty soda bottle on the office floor. We took the tablets for analysis as we continue with our investigations,” said Njiri.

Jasper Otieno, Maseno University’s Public Relations Officer told The Nairobian that the management is investigating the incident and any action taken will be based on the out-come of the investigations.