Maseno University International Relations

By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University International Relations, In this era of globalization of social, economic, political and Scientific activities of nation-state and non-state actors, an understanding of how the international system operates is critical to national and international development. This programme is designed to enable students understand the international system and how it affects states and societies worldwide.


The programme is designed to:

  1. acquaint students with knowledge on international affairs;
  2. train professionals who will work in the international system, universities, private, and public sectors; and
  3. impart analytical skills that will enable students to undertake further studies and research.


The Maseno University Postgraduate regulations shall apply.


The duration of the programme shall normally be two academic years of full time attendance.


The programme shall consist of a minimum of 42(forty-two) units and a maximum of 58 (fifty eight) of coursework, examination and thesis, distributed over four semesters as follows: first semester, a minimum of 14 units; second semester, a minimum of 10 units; third semester, a maximum of 9 units; and fourth semester, a maximum of 9 units.  A course unit will constitute a one-hour lecture per week per semester.