Maseno University Hospital

By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University Hospital, Maseno University Medical Clinic is a Government health centre located in West Karateng Sub-location, North West Kisumu location, Maseno Division, Kisumu Rural Constituency in Kisumu County.

Maseno University Medical Clinic Contacts

Type: Dispensary
Owner: Academic (if registered)
Status: Operational
District: Kisumu West, Nyanza
Division: Maseno
Location: North West Kisumu
Sub-Location: West Karateng
Constituency: Kisumu Rural
County: Kisumu

Address: P.O. Box 333
Postal Code: 40105
Town: Maseno
Nearest Town: Maseno Town


Status: Operational
Number of Beds: 25
Number of Cots: 0

Maseno University Medical Clinic Services:

  1.  Antenatal
  2. Antiretroviral Therapy
  3.  Curative Outpatient Services
  4.  Family Planning
  5.  Growth Monitoring and Promotion
  6.  HIV Counselling and Testing
  7.  Immunization
  8.  Prevention of Mother to Child transmission of HIV
  9.  Radiology Services (e.g X-ray, UltraScan, MRI, etc)
  10.  Tuberculosis Diagnosis
  11.  Tuberculosis Labs
  12.  Tuberculosis Treatments