Maseno University Gate

By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University Gate, There was a commotion on Tuesday morning at Maseno University main gate after a stranger declined order to present his handbag for a security scan.

As usual, all people especially visitors using the entrance are required to go through a security scan and have their luggage and bags scrutinized.

 However, the man who had nothing to identify him as a student refused to comply with the order from the Bedrock Security personnel adding that his bag will be difficult to zip if opened.

“He said he was in a hurry and if his tight bag is opened, it will be difficult to zip. He is not a student here and just rushing to see a friend. He was late on his bus to Nairobi,” said Kevin Maloba, the Maseno University student who was using the entrance at the time of the incident.

It forced the security to ease the congestion by sidelining the suspected man and serving the busy students using the gate.

 The unidentified man, however, sneaked through the scan with his bag, running towards the Vice Chancellor’s office, a situation that send chills into some student.

This was followed by a running battle between him and the security who locked him up outside the gate.

The man was later freed after his student friend showed up and intervened.

Bedrock Security has beefed up security in and around Maseno after the recent scare of terrorism at the DusitD2 Hotel in Nairobi.