Maseno University First Year Admission

By | May 2, 2019

Maseno University First Year Admission, In his address to the first year students during their orientation at the University’s Graduation Square on September 6, the Vice-Chancellor Maseno University, Professor Dominic Makawiti said that Maseno University is the only public University that has guaranteed all its first year students hostel accommodation within the university. ‘This is the only public University offering self-catering accommodation facilities on campus’, he said.

The Vice- Chancellor also announced that the University has normalized its academic calendar so that the academic staff and students can have recess. ‘This is the only public University which has normalized its programmes such that there is a recess of three months at the end of each academic year, during which time both academic staff and students can enjoy a long holiday’, he announced. The Semester system re-introduced, will see students begin their classes in September, break in December for Christmas and resume in January till April then take a long break from May to August. 

The University is currently going through rapid expansion evident in the introduction of the Schools of Medicine and Agriculture and is in the process of introducing the Schools of Nursing, Law and Architecture.

During the colorful ceremony held to welcome more than 3000 students to various Schools and Faculties in the University, the VC said the University was the first to have the 2012 high school graduates report, meaning that they would be ahead of their colleagues who are yet to report in other public Universities. 

To steer the University towards achieving Vision 2030, Prof Makawiti said that Maseno University is the only Public University in the country that has integrated Information Technology (IT) in all its academic programmes. This he emphasized has enabled Maseno University graduates acquire IT skills hence have added advantage over graduates from other Universities in the job market. “The university has integrated 30% ICT component in all its courses which gives the graduates a competitive edge in the market”, he added. The eLearning programmes run by the eCampus, have also brought education to peoples offices and homes thus enabling those who do not have adequate time to attend face to face classes pursue their academic interests.

The new students were urged to maintain forthright commitment in order to succeed in their endeavors. “Your ability will take you to the top, but it takes character to stay at the top”, Prof Makawiti reiterated.

During the orientation programme, The Deputy Vice- Chancellor Academic Affairs, Prof Madara Ogot advised the students to work hard in their academic pursuits to make sure they graduate within the stipulated four years period. He urged the students to avoid indulging in too much alcohol drinking and other social evils that will distract them from pursuing their studies at the University. Prof Madara exalted the students to eschew high standard of discipline. He also advised them to take good care of all the property and facilities that they have in their respective hostels.

The Deputy Vice- Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance, Prof Julius Nyabundi cautioned the students to be careful and not fall to pranks by fraudsters who have devised strategies of conning students of their cash. He informed the students to pay fees in the bank accounts stated by the University in their admission letters and in the press advertisements. ‘Don’t pay cash to any one purporting to represent Maseno University. Don’t be conned by fraudsters and pay fees to the bank accounts stated by the University only’, he cautioned. Prof Nyabundi also added that Maseno University has a standby generator that serves the student hostels, classrooms and offices that is used when the main electricity supply from Kenya Power goes off. This is to make sure that the learning programmes, administrative schedules and other activities within the University are not disrupted. 

The students were advised to use the Counseling office that offer counseling services to all students registered in Maseno University. The University has trained peer counselors in all its campuses. They offer counseling on careers, finance, and disciplinary issues. The vocational counseling centre is open between 8am – 5pm daily. In order to improve their health, the students were advised to participate in sports activities that are available in the University.