Maseno University e Library

By | April 24, 2019

Maseno University e Library, The Library came into existence when Maseno University College was established in 1990 and was the successor to libraries that were used by the predecessor Colleges. These were the College Campus Library previously used by the Government Training Institute and the Siriba Library formerly for the Siriba Teachers Training College. The two Libraries had a total seating capacity of 350 which was not enough to accommodate the increasing number of students. This led to the creation of the School of Graduate Studies Library and the Resource Centre Library. With the expansion of the University, the Library has now extended its services to Kisumu and Homa Bay at the Kisumu City Campus Library and the Homa Bay Teaching and Learning Centre Library respectively. These Libraries have content for all subject areas taught at their respective campuses.

1. Seek continually to identify user needs and to provide Library services to meet those needs
2. Build, maintain and sustain Library’s resources
3. Provide information and relevant data for the curriculum at the university
4. Provide adequate reading space for Library users
5. Acquire and conserve Library research materials

To provide facilities for education and research, participate in the discovery, creation, transmission, preservation, enhancement and to harness acquired knowledge on behalf of the University.

To provide Library and information services through acquisition, processing, presenting, disseminating and making available relevant literature to all its users