Maseno University Distance Learning

By | April 24, 2019

Maseno University Distance Learning, The eCampus of Maseno University is one of the latest innovations by Maseno University to facilitate online delivery of high quality certificate, diploma and degree programmes to learners in various parts of the country, the East African region and beyond. Maseno University is indeed in the lead in pioneering the use of modern technologies to not only realise equitable access to higher education through eLearning but also improve the quality of educational experience for our learners. The eCampus is modeled around a web-based Learning Management System (LMS), electronic community and administrative centers for students and faculty. All programmes offered at the eCampus are primarily delivered through the internet, with students taking sit-in on-campus examinations at the end of each Semester.


The eCampus of Maseno University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for certificate, diploma and degree programmes offered through eLearning. Several high quality modules leading to these programmes have been developed for roll out in the 2018 – 2019 Academic Year. All eLearning modules are delivered online through the eCampus of Maseno University, with some support material provided on CD/DVD-ROM and print.


Maseno University has developed modular flexible programmes to widen student choice, provide a more efficient and cost effective approach to learning, and ensure learners earn certificate, diploma and degree certificates at their convenience.


  1. To encourage personal development and career progression
  2. To reduce learning costs
  3. To provide a flexible course delivery mode

All Maseno University eLearning modules are primarily delivered online through the Maseno University eLearning Portal, with some support material availed in CD-ROM and print as deemed necessary.

New Programmes

Maseno University is mounting more  new programmes at all levels, in September 2012. Among them is Basic Statistics, also known as eStat. Applications for eStat, which is a certificate course, are open on the Maseno University web site and multiple cohorts are expected to complete this year. 


All eLearning programmes are developed in line with Maseno University Senate approved guidelines for development and implementation of eLearning programmes. The modules are developed and delivered by knowledgeable subject experts and experienced course facilitators. All eLearning modules are quality assured through a rigorous review process within the academic departments. Depending on the needs of various learners and modules, the eLearning programmes are offered in a blended way to meet the growing expectations of both on-campus and off-campus learners for high quality learning experiences and outcomes.