Maseno University Diploma In Education

By | April 24, 2019

Maseno University Diploma In Education, The School of Education produces highly skilled graduates able to meet the challenges of the 21st Century through Training, Research & Community Outreach in the East and Central Africa region.

The School has the following departments

      Educational Communication, Technology and Curriculum    Studies 

      Educational Management and Foundations 

      Educational Psychology 

      Special Needs Education

Programmes of study

      Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy (Special Needs Education)
Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum Studies)
Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Technology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Planning and Economics of Education)
Doctor of Philosophy ( Educational Psychology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Administration)
Doctor of Philosophy (Evaluation of Educational Programmes)
Doctor of Philosophy (Pedagogy )
Doctor of Philophy(Educational Guidance and Counselling)

      Masters programs  
Mastrer of Education (Special Needs Education)
Mastrer of Education (Curriculum Studies)
Mastrer of Education (Pedagogy)
Mastrer of Education (Planning and Economics of Education)
Mastrer of Education (Educational Administration)
Mastrer of Education (Educational Technology)
Mastrer of Education (Social Science Education)
Mastrer of Education (Language Education)
Mastrer of Education (Creative Arts Education)
Mastrer of Education (Educational Psychology)
Mastrer of Education (Guidance and Counselling)
Maseter of Education (Early Childhood)

      Post-Graduate Programmes:

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Pedagogical Skills
Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Evaluation
Post-Graduate Certificate in ICT Application in Education
Post-Graduate Certificate in Second Teaching Subject

      Bachelors Programmes

Bachelor of Education (Arts, with IT)
Bachelor of Education (Science, with IT)
Bachelor of Special Needs Education (with IT) 
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education, with IT)
Bachelor of Education (Primary Option, with IT)
Bachelor of Education(Home Science, with IT)

      Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Education
Diploma in Environmental Education
Diploma in Disability
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Diploma in Sign Language
Diploma in Special and Inclusive  Education
Diploma in Guidance and Counseling 
Diploma in School Administration
Diploma in Educational Administration

      Certificate Programmes

Certtficate in Guidance and Counselling
Certtficate in Disability Studies
Certtficate in Special Needs Education
Certtficate in School Administration
Certtficate in Sign Language
Certtficate in Braille
Certtficate in Special and Inclusive Education
Certtficate in Gender and Development in Education
Certtficate in Adult Education
Certtficate in Entrepreneurship Education