Laikipia University Physics Department

By | June 7, 2019

Laikipia University Physics Department, Welcome to the Physics department. We are a small and friendly department where staff, and students know each other well and enjoy interacting and socializing in and out of the classroom and lab.

We take pride in mentoring our students toward career paths in the courses we teach and with their involvement in our own research.

Physics is the study of the universe, from the very large (star formation, cosmic microwave background radiation) to the very small (nanotechnology, atomic cooling and trapping, string theory), and everything in between (biophysics, and the physics of solid state devices, just to name a few).

Our undergraduate program aims to provide a broad and solid background in fundamental physics through introductory course work, and then to engage all our majors who are interested in current research with some of the top research groups countrywide. We believe a Physics degree represents strong training for a broad range of careers. For students wishing to pursue a career in physics they need a minimum of C+ in Physics at the K.C.S.E level.

The Department offers the following programmes :-
1. Bachelor of Science (General)
2. Bachelor of Education (Science)
3. Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology

1. Masters of Science ( Medical Physics)
2. Masters of Science (Renewable Energy)
3. Masters of Science (Atomic and Nuclear Physics)
4. Masters of Science (Geophysics)
5. Masters of Science (Environmental Physics)
6. Master of Science in (Theoretical Physics)
7. Masters of Science (Electronics)
8. Masters of Science ( Astronomy)

1. PhD in Medical Physics
2. Ph.D in Theoretical Physics
3. Ph.D in Quantum Physics
4. Ph.D. In Computational Physics

1. Bridging in physics
2. Certificate in Medical Physics
3. Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Science

1. Bachelor of Science (Medical Physics)
2. Bachelor of Science (Renewable Energy)
3. Bachelor of Science ( Atomic and Nuclear Physics)
4. Bachelor of Science (Geophysics)

Our graduates will:-
1. Be able to successfully pursue career objectives in graduate school or professional schools, in a scientific career in government or industry, in a teaching career, or in a related career.
2.Be able to think creatively about scientific problems and their solutions, to design experiments, and to constructively question results they are presented with, whether these results are in a newspaper, in a classroom, or elsewhere.
3.Be Academically Advised. Students are required to meet with their academic faculty advisor every term to discuss their program and progress in the major.  There is a faculty Head Undergraduate Advisor as well as the staff member head of our Undergraduate Student Affairs who meets with the faculty advisors and students to gather input.