Daystar University Education Courses

By | June 20, 2019

Daystar University Education Courses, Welcome to the School of Arts and Humanities(SAA). The school of Arts and Humanities seeks to promote academic excellence and holistic transformation for the development of humanity and society. It fosters critical thinking, transformative learning, research and creativity through relevant academic programs in a collegial environment. The School of Arts and Humanities is one of the five Schools in Daystar University. It comprises;

1. The Department of Theology and Biblical Studies

2. Education

3. Peace and International Relations.

Academic Programmes

The Department is home to the following programs:

  1. Master of Theology (in African Christianity)
  2. Master of Arts (in Christian Ministries)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (in Biblical Studies)
  4. Bachelor of Theology. 

The Department comprises of 14 fulltime lecturers and 25 adjunct lecturers, who specialize in various concentrations such as Biblical studies, Historical and Theological studies, Christian ethics, Missions.

The department is committed to the integration and advancement of both in its inquiry into the theological dimesnions of human life. The practice of theology requires a study of the origins and uses of Jewish and Christian scriptures, the history of Christianity (Eastern and Western, Catholicism, Protestantism and Pentecostalism), contemporary theologies and theological ethics.

It also provides the context in studying multiple relationships between theology and contemporary philosophies, religions and cultures. These diverse aims are ultimately in the service of reading about, writing about, thinking about and otherwise engaging God. We are looking forward to new terrains of theology and pastoral studies as a department.