Chuka University Vice Chancellor

By | April 17, 2019

Chuka University Vice Chancellor, thank you for being interested in knowing about Chuka University. Our University offers high quality and affordable university education. We assure the people of Kenya that our facilities are used in the most efficient way possible for the benefit of the Nation.

Chuka University was the first institution of higher learning to be established in the former Eastern Province. The government’s objective of establishing the institution was to enhance education access and equity to the people in the region and Kenya at large. This is after the government realized that Education leads to better economic, social and political governance and is a catalyst for transforming Kenya into an industrialized middle-income nation as envisaged in Vision 2030.

Establishment of Chuka University has led to the congregation of students and staff from all parts of the country from different cultures. Apart from specialty courses, our students are taught core courses and participate in extra curricula activities that promote peace-building and reconciliation. Peaceful co-existence among our students is a demonstration of how mankind should live on earth.

Prof E N njoka Chuka University vc

Prof. Erastus N. Njoka, Ph.D

CEO/ Vice Chancellor