Chuka University Gate

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Gate, Over the past two years we have seen Chuka University advance and perfect its look and as of now, the university boasts of two very tall buildings with modern architectural designs, a number of beautiful gates and a pavilion whose holding capacity was doubled recently.

The main feature that impresses every Chuka University first comer is the Business Complex which to reach the building you have to go through the main gate dubbed as gate A. The gate opens to a very busy highway where vehicles ply from Meru through Chuka to Nairobi city or vice versa. Thousands of students go in and out of this gate daily and they tend to be posed to a road carnage threat. So here’s exactly why you should avoid using Gate A if possible; 

1. This is for those who don’t like carrying school ID’s; you can’t go through this gate without you school ID so if your motive was to use this gate as a shortcut to go to the pavilion or hostels based in Almak onwards use Ndagani instead.

2. There are fast moving vehicles (white pick-ups) that ply this highway without even paying attention to the mountainous speed bumps on the road. They can probably hit you and run.. Watch the video below to see how fast these vehicles move;