Chuka University Freshers Night

By | April 18, 2019

Chuka University Freshers Night, the Pavilion at Chuka University was all doted with tents in readiness for the Chuka University Freshers’ Night on Friday. Big names in Kenya’s current music industry were expected at the venue. These were Mejja and Madtraxx. The students were all ready and everyone expected a great show.

True to the word, the students had a great show. Not only were they dancing to the big tunes by the musical bigwigs but also had time to showcase their modeling talents.

Here are the photos of the event! This Fresher got a suitor ready to propose on her firt night out…..will she say yes and live the fairy ‘happily ever after?’ ….Well, time will tell. But not before this two cuties had to pose with the two fingers each for the camera! Check out the heat in their eyes! And their lips? Worth your time? I’d say yes…..we have their contacts….who wants them? And so the crowd at the pavilion waited for the big men – yeah, I’m talking about Mejja and Madtraxx… They were ready to ‘get down’ and dance to the big tunes from the big shots. Fashionistars were not left behind either.

I’m sure after seeing this photo, several boys at Chuka University will go for the hairstyles. Ladies will also find out about the hairstyles in this photo. Soon, salons and barber shops around Chuka University will be offering these services at a hiked price – especially now that HELB behaved. Madtraxx was already getting down here….and the crowd cheered! Chuka University pavilion was the place to be! Mejja joined in and the party couldn’t stop anytime soon. It was dance and nothing but more dance. But when the party at the Chuka University pavilion ended, some students decided to unceremoniously bring down the tents. A Good freshers’ night had a bad ending…. hoping the next one will have a happier ending.