Catholic University Of Eastern Africa Graduation 2016

By | June 18, 2019

Catholic University Of Eastern Africa Graduation 2016, the information provided below are the details about the the school graduation for the final years students

Notice for October 2016 Graduation

Application for Graduation/Intention to Graduate

Please note the following:

1. Print your NAMES (in upper case) in the order you prefer them to appear on

your Degree/Diploma Certificate and Academic Transcript in the “CUEA October

2016 Graduation Application Register” at the Registrar’s Office (Registry

Counters) before 2nd September 2016. [Please do not insert new names other

than those used for admission).

2. Collect Clearance Form from the Registrar’s Office. [N.B. Students who

download the form from the website should ensure that they have officially

applied for graduation/intention to graduate by filling in the “CUEA October

2016 Graduation Application Register” at Registry Office.]

3. Submit duly signed Clearance Form and University ID to the Registrar’s Office

by 2nd September 2016. On completing the form, you are required to sign in

the Clearance Register indicating the date of submission and be issued with

a Clearance Letter signed by the Registrar.

4. All graduands with incomplete cases, e.g. marks for Research Project, Judicial

Attachment, Teaching Practice and any other unit, must have sorted them out by

2nd September 2016. Any mark after this date will be considered for the next


5. Fulfill your programme’s academic and financial requirements before 2nd

September 2016 as a prerequisite for approval for graduation.

6. Upon approval by the University Senate, all graduands will be issued with

graduation invitation letters.

7. The Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, 28th October 2016, starting

at 9:00 am.

NB: Only those finalists who fulfill the above requirements will be

presented for graduation.

Odilon Dizon Jr.

Registrar Academic