2016/217 Admission Forms For African Leadership University

By | August 12, 2017

2016/217 Admission Forms For African Leadership University

We have recently updated our application process. Going forward, all applicants will be able to take part in all components of the application process which, were previously separated into two rounds. Now, ALL applicants will get to experience Africa Rising, ALU’s unique online admissions course. We have also provided multiple deadlines to allow students flexibility on when they apply as well as when they receive their admissions decisions.

The application process to ALU consists have the following components:

    Provide us with your important personal and academic details as well as share with us your ideas, hopes and passions through short questions and essays.
    The timed, online test will help us get an understanding of your numeracy and literacy skills. No pre-study is required.
    Submit recommendations from 1 teacher and 1 community leader. We believe that those who know you best can give us valuable insight into your learning ability, leadership potential and willingness to take on challenges.

    • Teacher/Educator: Your educators may include teachers, principals, school counsellors, or teacher representatives of clubs and societies, etc. Your educators should be those who have taught or interacted with you directly for a significant period of time. They should have a good understanding of your academic performance and your academic progress. They should also have experienced how you work with others and in teams.
    • Community Leader: Someone who knows you well and who has had significant and meaningful interactions with you. They could be church leaders or heads of local volunteer organizations, etc. They should be people who have seen and experienced how you work in teams, how you engage with others and how you handle yourself in various situations.
    This is the best part. ALU’s online course, known as Africa Rising is a very exciting part of the application process! You will learn about the many challenges and opportunities facing the African continent. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the ALU learning model first hand by participating and contributing to group discussions and debates with other young applicants from across the continent and around the world. You will engage in exciting topics, show us what you know (on quizzes and short reflections) and get to meet and learn from other applicants from all corners of the continent.