2016/2017 Admission Forms For Africa International University

By | August 12, 2017

2016/2017 Admission Forms For Africa International University


1. Application forms for all AIU programs may be downloaded from these links Undergraduate application forms and postgraduate application forms or you can apply online by clicking here.  Duly complete forms may be emailed or posted to the AIU admissions office. Please note that official transcripts (which are required for Doctoral and Postgraduate applicants) must be posted from the applicant’s former university.

2. Every application form has a checklist section that guides applicants on all the required items for a complete application. Please go through this list before sending in the application. The checklist includes items such as: passport pictures, application fees, recommendations (completed on AIU stipulated forms), academic certificates and transcripts, etc.

3. Application fees can be deposited in the bank account and deposit slip submitted to the Admissions office or emailed to us by clicking here.
                                               Account Name    :   Africa International University 
                                               Bank                  :    Co-Operative Bank of Kenya
                                               Branch               :    Nairobi Business Centre
                                              Account Number :   01128092985900
                                              Coop Swift Code :   KCOOKENA
4. Applications are processed by the Admissions office. You are welcome to send an email for any specific enquiries, follow-up, or clarification to: click this link.


1.  Full-time students who need housing should apply using the ‘housing application form’ available from the admissions office, also included with the application packet.

2. International students should apply for a student visa/Kenya Pupils’ Pass (KPP) immediately after admission; approximately three months are required to process a KPP.

3.  All students need to deposit their term 1 fees (these are required to secure a house). These fees will be refunded if you aren’t able to enroll in the year of admission. Bank details are on the admission letter.

4.  Once you have made travel arrangements you should inform the admissions office of your arrival date. If you are a residential student, AIU can offer transport assistance from Nairobi (airport or bus stop) to the AIU campus. However, this assistance is only available through prior arrangement with the admissions office.

5. All new students are required to attend Orientation week, so note the dates given on the admission letter and ensure that you arrive at AIU in good time.

6. Residential students should carry warm clothing as the Karen area can be very cold, especially in the period from May to September.

7. Registration and payment of full fees should be completed within the first week of classes.

8.  If you have any concerns, please let the admissions office know we will try to assist you accordingly.


Applications for the regular programs normally close on the 15th of December for the January intake, 15th April for the May intake and 15th August for the September intake.

For International students to be accepted in the September intake, your application form should have been sent by April, for January intake you should have sent your application by September and for April intake you should have sent you application form by January.

For the School-Based programs, your application should reach us not later than 10th March for April holidays, 10th July for August holidays and 10th November for the December Holidays.