University Of Eldoret Trade Fair

By | May 30, 2019

University Of Eldoret Trade Fair, every year the University holds the Agribusiness Trade Fair which brings together a wide range of stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The 6th Edition of the Annual Agribusiness Trade Fair took place at the University of Eldoret on 21st, 22nd and 23rd, September 2017.

The goal of the trade fair is to furnish the farmers, service providers and industry suppliers with a distinct opportunity to exhibit their products for bench-marking and trade, unmask agricultural sector stakeholders to new technologies and ideas for better efficiencies, improve earnings and quality, provide a platform for short seminars and demonstrations to small scale and large scale players.

The Agribusiness Trade Fair events is targeted at the following stakeholders:

  • Small, medium and commercial farmers;
  • Suppliers of agrochemicals, inputs, equipment, packaging and services to the agro industry;
  • Researchers, academicians and students;
  • Regional, state and county Government ministry and regulatory agency managers and professionals;
  • NGOs and development agency managers;
  • Agro-processors and packers;
  • Marketers, exporters, importers, distributors and other stakeholders.

This year highlights are:

  • Sponsors and Exhibitors arena
  • Demonstration plots
  • Dairy chain arena
  • Agri-Tech Talks
  • Farmers Training
  • Eldoret ASK Ploughing Contest
  • Farm inputs suppliers e.g. Seeds, Fertilizers and Chemicals;
  • Fish Farming and Crop Demonstration Plots;
  • Grain Handling and Processing;
  • Farm machinery and Equipment Suppliers;
  • Livestock Exhibition and Dairy Equipment Suppliers;
  • Service Providers: Banks, Insurance, Colleges and Universities;
  • Animal Auction and sales;

This annual event attracts thousands of local farmers, students, visitors and participants within the East African Community i.e. Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and provides a great opportunity for growers to interact with experts, learn about emerging technologies and innovations that would make their operations more profitable. The trade fair incorporates major players along the value chain, namely suppliers, processors, traders, researchers, ICT, among others. There are plenty of materials for take away, including some do-it-yourself (DIY) brochures. You get a chance to see, test and negotiate for farm and other agro-industry services and products. The presence of banks provides opportunities for negotiating for loans to facilitate farmers to drive home new tractors or herds of high class livestock.