University Of Eldoret Engineering

By | May 21, 2019

University Of Eldoret Engineering, the School of Engineering was founded in June 2011 and continues to offer quality education. It is based on a strong tradition of excellence in applied sciences at the University. Approved programmes in teaching and research are tailored to address clientele challenges. The School offers both undergraduate and post-graduate studies and is prepared to meet challenges of increasing student population in line with the government’s Vision 2030 strategy.

The School programs consist of coursework, laboratories, workshops, projects, field and industrial attachments. These programmes are offered with general objective of training would-be practicing engineers with knowledge, skills, management and competence in design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering systems. Opportunities for graduates include: engineering firms, government ministries and agencies, private sector, self-employment, among others.


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Life on earth needs a sustainable supply of food, water and energy in order to feed and sustain a growing population under a variable and changing climate. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers utilise technology to connect the living world of plants, soil, water and animals with the technology of engineering (systems, structures and machines). Programmes currently offered are B.Eng. (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering) and M.Sc. in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (Soil & Water, Power & Machinery and Processing Engineering options).

Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil Engineers understand and integrate the natural environment with the requirements of people and engineering science in order to design and construct solutions that provide infrastructure and services, using the best available design and technology. Civil engineering solutions, in the form of water supply, drainage and sanitation infra-structures increase the quality of life by eliminating the sources of infections and diseases. Problems of traffic congestion require the development of new, mass transportation systems. While extreme weather events, and forms of unrest, require structural design solutions.

Mechanical and Production Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is broad-based, covering areas such as machine design, materials engineering, aerodynamics, power generation, mechatronics, and dynamics to name a few.

Research and Extension

The Staff and Students in the School in collaboration with researchers in other national and international institutions are actively involved in a broad range of research projects that include the following: 
(i) Automation of agricultural systems, 
(ii) Renewable energy, 
(iii) Crop water productivity modelling, 
(iv) Watershed management, 
(v) Climate change mitigation and adaptation, 
(vi) Engineering materials, 
(vii) Affordable housing and 
(viii) Industrial Engineering.