University Of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System

By | June 6, 2019

University Of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System, The grading scale (in percentage and equivalent letter grade), which is a composite of 50% grade
from continuous assessment and 50% grade from final examination, is as follows:
Percentage Grade Points
92 -100 A 4.00 (Superior)
89 – 91 A- 3.67
85 – 88 B+ 3.33
80 – 84 B 3.00 (Above Average)
75 – 79 B – 2.67
70 – 74 C+ 2.33
65 – 69 C 2.00 (Average)
60 – 64 C- 1.67
50 – 59 D 1.00 (Below Average)
0 – 39 F 0.00 (Failure)
Effective first semester/trimester 2017/2018 the grading scale will be as follows:
Percentage Grade Point
85 -100 A 4.00 (Superior)
80 – 84 A- 3.67
75 – 79 B+ 3.33
70 – 74 B 3.00 (Above Average)
65 – 69 B – 2.67
60 – 64 C+ 2.33
55 – 59 C 2.00 (Average)
50 – 54 C- 1.67
40 – 49 D 1.00 (Below Average)
0 – 39 F 0.00 (Failure)
Other symbols which may appear on the grade report are as follows: AU, DG, IW, NG, S, U, W, AW, and UE.
8.1.1 AU – Auditing Course
A student may wish to attend a class, but not receive credit for it. To audit a course, the student needs the permission of the Department and the Registrar of Admissions and Records. He/ she must attend class regularly. If credit is desired the course must be repeated at another time, during which time the student will be required to meet all the requirements for the course. All changes from audit to credit or vice versa must be made by the dates indicated in the academic calendar. University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System
8.1.2 DG – Deferred Grade
A DG is assigned in certain courses that are of such a nature that they may not be completed within one semester and are so designated beforehand. A DG will be given each semester until the project is completed and a final grade is assigned. Courses for which a DG is used normally run over two or three semesters. Any extension of time beyond this needs the approval of the Academic Standards Committee. A DG has no effect on the Grade Point Average (GPA). University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System
If a final grade has not been submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the end of two semesters, including the semester the DG was first applied for, the DG shall be administratively turned to AW (Administrative Withdrawal) by the Registrar. The AW shall remain a permanent record in the transcript.University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System Procedure to apply for DG
A DG is applied for by the instructor. A student does not apply for it. The instructor must apply for DG grades for all those students taking such a course. The form is obtained from the Registrar’s Office and the completed form is returned to the Registrar’s Office. When the projects are completed, the final grades are then submitted by the instructor to the Registrar’s Office for recording.University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System
8.1.3 IW – Incomplete Work
An Incomplete Work or IW indicates that major work has not been completed because of illness or other unforeseeable circumstances, and not because of negligence, late work or low performance. An Incomplete Work is not automatically assigned but must be petitioned for in writing by the student at the time of the emergency, and requires the approval of the class instructor, the Department Chairperson, the Dean of the School, Registrar and the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics. The class instructor must designate what work is to be completed and the time limit which shall not be later than the end of the following semester. An incomplete work not removed on time will result in a grade calculated using marks earned from the work already done out of the total marks of the course. Procedure to apply for an IW
It is the student’s responsibility to complete the form from the download section of the UEAB
website for an IW in triplicate for each IW. In the event of total inability on the part of the affect student to process the IW form, he/she may authorize someone else to complete the IW form to ensure that it is done promptly on the day of the emergency. The steps for applying for an IW include:
1. Download the IW form from the UEAB website and fill out the form
2. Attach the documentary proof of the reason for requesting the IW to the form
3. Get required signatures
4. Submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office If the student does not return to the University the following semester, he/she must petition the Academic Standards Committee for an extension. Failure to do so will result in calculating the grade
as said before whereby the missing work is not considered. When the incomplete work is done, the instructor computes the final grade and submits it to the Registrar’s Office. It is the student’s responsibility to check whether the new grade has been entered on his/her record.

8.1.4 NG – No Grade
No Grade or NG is automatically assigned to a student at the time he/she registers for a course at
the beginning of a semester. The “NG” is removed at the end of the semester when the course instructor submits a grade of a student to the registrar’s office in a signed grade sheet. If by the end of a semester a course instructor does not have a grade for a student, and “W”, “IW” or “DG” has not been officially applied for and entered for the student, and there is no administrative action that has been taken to discontinue the student from the course to warrant him/her to be assigned AW,

the course instructor is required to assign the student an “F” grade in the submitted grade sheet. The registrar’s office shall record an “F” grade for a student whose grade is missing in a grade sheet and for whom “W,” “IW,” “DG,” “AW,” or “UE” has not been entered.

8.1.5 S/U – Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade
A grade of S or U may be given in certain designated courses. A grade of S indicates a pass and a grade of U signifies unsatisfactory performance. S and U carry no quality points and do not affect the GPA. S and U grades will not be converted to standard or traditional letter grade, viz: A, B, C, D, and F.

8.1.6 W – Official Withdrawal
A W is assigned when a student officially withdraws from a course by completing the necessary forms before the date stipulated in the Academic Calendar as the last day to drop a class with a W. After this date an F is assigned if a class is dropped. To apply for a W obtain forms from the Registrar’s Office.
8.1.7 AW – Administrative Withdrawal

An AW is awarded when a student is suspended or expelled from the university. An AW is also awarded when a student takes more than the allowed time to finish a DG.

8.1.8 UE – Uncleared for Examination
An UE is automatically assigned to a student who has met all course requirement (attendance, tests, labs, field trips, etc.) but fails to get exam pass to sit the final examination because of failure to clear his/her school fees.
The UE is removed when the student sits for a special examination for the course he/she missed, upon proof of financial clearance; presenting Exam Pass and the grade is submitted by the Department Chairperson to the Registrar’s Office.
The UE must be cleared within the next two subsequent semesters. Failure to so will result in the UE being replaced with an F grade which goes to the permanent record of the student. The student will have to repeat the course as per the Repeat Policy.
8.2 Grade Point Average (GPA)
This number is calculated by dividing the total grade points by the number of credit hours. Only A to F grades are used in computing the GPA and transfer credits are not included. If a student repeats a course, the higher of the two grades obtained will be used to compute the GPA.

8.3 Change of Grade
Upon receipt of a grade report the student should review it carefully for any errors or omissions. Any change of grade should be requested within two weeks of releasing grades or in the first two weeks of the new semester. The instructor involved should obtain a change of grade form the Registrar’s Office. No grade change will be approved unless it involves a computation or clerical error on the part of the examiner. Grade changes are allowed for Incomplete and Deferred Grades. Before a grade change is made on the student’s record, the form must be signed by the instructor, the Department Chairperson, the Dean of the School and the Registrar. The new grade must be approved by the Academic Standards Committee except for incomplete and deferred grades. 40 A student is not permitted to attempt to improve the grade earned in a course by additional examinations and/or projects. Similarly, an independent study course will not be used to make up for an unsatisfactory grade in a regularly scheduled class.

8.4 Repeating Courses
A course in which a student has earned a grade of “C-” or better may be repeated only by permission of the Academic Standards Committee except where the minimum required grade for a given course is higher than C- and a student’s grade is less than the minimum acceptable grade in which case the first repeat does not require the Academic Standards Committee approval. A student who has earned a grade “F” or “D” in a course taken for a major, minor, cognate or specialization must repeat the course.

No student will be allowed to graduate with a grade of “F” in any required course including general education requirements except where a student takes an equivalent course and earns an acceptable grade. The “F” grade will then be suppressed. A course may be repeated only once. If a student wishes to repeat a course more than once, he/she must petition through the Academic Standards Committee for approval. The Academic Standards Committee will approve a maximum of four attempts. Thereafter, the student will be advised to change major or be deregistered. 

University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System Petition forms can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. The completed forms with required signatures must be returned to the Registrar’s Office before the registration date of the semester when the course to be repeated is intended to be taken. A student must not register to repeat a course until an approval is given in writing. University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System.

The grades earned in all attempts remain on the student’s permanent record, but in computing the cumulative GPA, the credits and points of the last grade earned will be used. University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System.

In a sequence type course, a student who earns an “F” or “W” for one semester must repeat that course before being permitted to enroll or remain enrolled in subsequent part of the courses in that sequence. In some sequence courses, a grade of “C-” or better is required in order to register for thesubsequent semester. This applies to core courses and those in the major, cognate, minor or specialization area of study. Otherwise, the student may register for the subsequent semester with a grade of “D.” University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System University of Eastern Africa Baraton Grading System