Technical University Of Kenya School Of Architecture

By | April 30, 2019

Technical University Of Kenya School Of Architecture, THE Built Environment is a material, spatial and cultural product of human labour that combines physical elements and energy in forms for living, working and playing. It also encompasses infrastructural systems that support such activity. Training of built environment professionals is crucial as such experts help shape these areas through a variety of specialized and interdisciplinary practices that addresses the design, construction, management, and use of these man-made surroundings. The Technical University of Kenya has picked up on the legacy of its predecessors, the Kenya Polytechnic University College, and The Kenya Polytechnic, which trained competent and creative technicians in a variety of built environment fields, including; architecture, building construction, and geospatial sciences.

The School of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE) offers cutting edge professional and academic training in the built environment. The school aspires “to be a centre of excellence in learning, creativity and enterprise, promoting economic, social and cultural well being of people through well conceived and managed built environments”. SABE is the space where imagination of future urban and rural places is being constructed and concretized. It is the space where technically astute and technologically enabled professionals are prepared for future engagement in architecture and environmental design, spatial planning and urban design, construction technology, economics and management, real estate and property management, landscape design, land-use and infrastructure planning, environmental planning and sustainable development.

The school is home to 2000 students in four departments, which offer Degrees of technology, Diplomas and Certificates. Led by top intellectuals and professionals, the school runs ‘professional plus programmes’ that focus on building individuals with intellectual (knowledge); professional (discretionary) and technical (application) competencies. Further, students go through an intensive industry based learning (IBL), making them hands on professionals.

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department of Architecture and Environmental Design is composed of two broad thematic areas; Architecture and Environmental Design. The Architecture part of the Department concentrates on training of Architects and allied fields such as Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture and Architectural Conservation.

The Environmental Design area of focus develops application in environmental building physics and sustainable building construction. The professional programmes in the Department will are being subjected to local and international accreditation through the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors; through the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and the International Union of Architects (IUA). These accreditations will enable our graduates to practice in any part of the World.