Technical University Of Kenya Entry Requirements

By | April 30, 2019

Technical University Of Kenya Entry Requirements, the Technical University of Kenya shares history with the development of the first three higher education institutions in East Africa. In the 1920s there were heightened agitations for the expansion of access to higher education by indigenous leaders in the East African Territories. Concerted efforts in the form of committees, commissions and conferences resulted in positive developments that included the elevation of Makerere Institute of to Makerere University College of the University of London in 1949, proposal to establish the Royal Technical College of East Africa (RTCEA) in Nairobi was approved and construction started on 25th January 1952 and establishment of Dar es Salaam University College in 1961.

Minimum Qualifications

BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (POST-DIPLOMA)Credit Pass in a relevant Diploma or Pass in a relevant Diploma with two years working experience
BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGYKCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus), including C+ (Plus) in relevant subjects
DIPLOMASKCSE Mean Grade C – (Minus), including C – (Minus) in relevant subjects or A Certificate in a related course
CERTIFICATESKCSE Mean Grade D+ (Plus) or A portfolio of previous work for those taking specialised courses like Graphic Design and Fashion Design
Intake:January, May and September
Duration:B.Tech (K.C.S.E): (4 academic years)
B.Phil and B.Tech (Post Diploma): (4 Semesters)
Diplomas: Between 6 semesters and 8 semesters
Certificates:2 semesters (1 academic year)
Mode of StudyAll programmes are available for Government sponsored GS and Self-sponsored SS students, and can be taken on full-time or part time basis.