Technical University Of Kenya Deputy Vice Chancellor

By | April 24, 2019

Technical University Of Kenya Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, (Administration, Planning and Infrastructure) is one of the key offices established under the Technical University Charter, 2013, when the Kenya Polytechnic University College was elevated to a fully-fledged university. The office is mandated to oversee Administration, Planning and Infrastructure division of the University. The Division is responsible for management of the University’s human and physical resources in support of the University’s quest to be a top-rated university of technology.

The Division has six departments namely; Properties and Facilities Management; Planning and Institutional Reporting; Human Resource Services; Health and Wellness Services; University Campus Services and Supply Chain Operations.

The Properties and Facilities Management department is a key department which is responsible for expansion and maintenance of the University’s facilities to ensure that students get quality education.

The Directorate of Planning and Institutional Reporting is tasked with developing the University Strategic Plan in line with the University’s mission and vision as well as the preparation of the University Calendar and institution’s Annual Reports.

The Directorate of Human Resource Services is responsible for attraction, recruitment, induction and placement of highly qualified and competent staff, both teaching and non teaching, necessary for the smooth operations of the University. The Directorate also puts in place mechanisms for retaining the human resource and continuous and further training of teaching and non-teaching staff.

To take care of the welfare of students and staff, the University has set up the Directorate of Health and Wellness Services. Its main task is to ensure students and staff receive medical attention, as well as promote health in the University. This it does by partnering with institutions such as the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA), the Nairobi County Executive in charge of health and the National AIDS Control Council (NACC).

The other department in the Division is Directorate of University Campus Services. The core mandate of this department is to ensure a safe and conducive working environment including cleanliness of the University’s facilities. It also deals with mail and registry services. Within the department is the Transport Unit which is charged with the responsibility of handling the transport itinerary within and outside the institution for both students and staff.

Also in the Division is the department of Supply Chain Operations. This department coordinates the preparation of Annual Procurement Plans for all departments in the University and also ensures that all procurement and disposal is done in line with the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.

The Administration, Planning and Infrastructure Division is dedicated to providing exemplary services to students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders thus supporting the Vision of becoming a top-rated University of technology.