Technical University Of Kenya Bridging Courses

By | April 24, 2019

Technical University Of Kenya Bridging Courses, Bridging courses in Kenya 2018 are robust and have already attracted several learners. These programs are meant to prepare its graduates for higher learning institutions and other professional bodies. How long to do bridging courses take in Kenya? The overall duration of a bridging class varies greatly depending on the performance of a particular student. On average, bridging a Kenya National Examination Council-based subject takes up to half a year before completion, but can take a period of as short as three months.

Learners interested in enrolling for bridging courses in Kenya must have completed their KCSE studies at most a couple of years ahead of their enrollment. In essence, schools offering bridging courses in Kenya 2018 only accepts learners from 2016 and 2017 KCSE classes. This regulatory procedure was coined to foster sanity in the education system while granting learners an opportunity to make up for their supposed low grades in national examinations.