Strathmore University Sports Scholarships

By | June 19, 2019

Strathmore University Sports Scholarships, Strathmore University men’s Hockey team (Gladiators) emerged top in the 12th Annual Sports and Clubs awards ceremony that took place on 9thFebruary 2017. Drama Society Club (DRAMSOC) bagged the club of the year award, at the event that was set under the theme Balancing Sports and Academics.  

While giving his remarks, the Dean of Students Mr. Paul Ochieng took time to announce the exciting award the winning team will enjoy – scholars from Gladiators will receive an increase in scholarships to 90%, as a token of appreciation for the hard work in the year. This awarding, courtesy of Strathmore University Vice Chancellor, will be awarded annually to the winning sports team. Mr. Ochieng also highlighted the launch of a new application for clubs, the Clubs Management Systems (CMS), recently created by the research club to aid with management of data for clubs.

Guest of Honour Humphrey Kayange, a former captain of the Kenya Rugby National team, spoke of his achievements while playing Rugby that included his great wins. Humphrey spoke of attributes he values that include discipline, sacrifice and determination.  Encouraging the sports men and women present at the event, Humphrey highlighted seasons in his life where he had to study and play, stating the successes that came with it.  “Embrace the spirit of excellence in sports and academics and in the end everything will work out,” he said.

Alumnus basketball player (Blades), Leon Alushula – Bank Analyst at the Central Bank of Kenya, encouraged the sportsmen and women to be full of determination, urging them to avoid mediocre in both sports and academics. “Those who adopt this attribute, will enjoy great victories in life,” he stated.

Racheal Ousa – an Officer Branch Operations at I&M Bank and a former Scorpion (Strathmore’s women hockey team) member also attended the event to encourage the students. Rachel, who studied under a sports scholarship, spilled her secrets to success in sports and academics. Having graduated with a first class in 2014, Rachel attributed her accomplishment to her decision to be excellent at what she does every day. She expressed her gratitude to the University for moulding her into the person she is today.

At the end of the awarding ceremony, the late Captains Geoffrey Githaiga (Strathmore Rugby team – Leos) and Billy Nyagosia (Strathmore Basketball team – Blades), who passed away in 2016, were honored in a special way. The Dean of students presented honor planks to the family representatives after tribute videos were played in remembrance of the two soldiers.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Below is a list of the winners.

Club Awards

CategoryName of Club
Most Rewarding ClubResearch Club
Most Promising ClubReading Club
Best Organized ConferenceStrathmore University Media Group
Best Social Media PresenceAIESEC
Best Club Social ResponsibilityDRAMSOC
Best Club ReportStrathmore Business Club
Club of the yearDRAMSOC

Sports Awards

Chess Men
Captains Award 2016Mark Nyairo
Rookie of the year 2016Imo Muganda
Most Valuable player 2016Mark Nyairo
Chess Women
Captains Award 2016Nicole
Rookie of the year 2016Catherine Nabatanzi
Most Valuable player 2016Isabelle Asiema
Captains Award 2016Antony Wanderi
Rookie of the year 2016Ogonda Philip
Most Valuable player 2016Maurice Wachihi
Table Tennis
Captains Award 2016Everlyne Noah
Rookie of the year 2016Maria Nyanjoke
Most Valuable player 2016Kevin Mwangi
Captains Award 2016 – ArcheryFidel Odongo Omondi
Rookie of the year 2016 – ArcheryStephanie Mailu
Most Improved player 2016 – ArcheryIan Odhiambo
Basketball Men I
Captains Award 2016Emmanuel Soja
Coaches Award 2016Rueben Muraya
Rookie of the year 2016Amos Aduke
Most Improved player 2016Fidel Okoth
Most Valuable player 2016Samuel Mogoko
Basketball Men II
Captains Award 2016Allan Owino
Coaches Award 2016Shilton Ochieng
Rookie of the year 2016Raymond Kimathi
Most Improved player 2016Darill  Omondi
Most Valuable player 2016Michael Oketch
Basketball Women
Captains Award 2016Vanessa Lubira
Coaches Award 2016Bianca Nyambura
Rookie of the year 2016Vivian Jemutai
Most Improved player 2016Barbara samba
Most Valuable player 2016Susan Manya
Captains Award 2016Vincent Odila
Coaches Award 2016James Njoroge
Rookie of the year 2016Adam Omar
Most Improved player 2016Mike Mbaka
Most Valuable player 2016Soita Simiyu
Hockey Women
Captains Award 2016Yvonne Wanjiku
Coaches Award 2016Gilly Okumu
Rookie of the year 2016Jane Marangu
Most Improved player 2016 
Most Valuable player 2016Elizabeth Ngombo
Hockey Men
Captains Award 2016Frqancis Kariuki
Coaches Award 2016Simon Odhiambo
Rookie of the year 2016Paul Omarimba
Most Improved player 2016 
Most Valuable player 2016Frqancis Kariuki
Captains Award 2016Ken Ndungu
Coaches Award 2016Teddy Sidai
Rookie of the year 2016Brian Wakhuha
Most Improved player 2016Jackson Oloo
Most Valuable player 2016Rashid Ingwela
Karate Men
Captains Award 2016Ramadhan Mzee
Coaches Award 2016Hillary Perminus
Rookie of the year 2016Theophilus Lekishep
Most Improved player 2016Andrew Temmo
Most Valuable player 2016Ramadhan Mzee
Karate Women
Captains Award 2016Maureen Gathua
Coaches Award 2016Esther Murerwa
Rookie of the year 2016Milliecent Menya
Most Improved player 2016Sharon Mumbi
Most Valuable player 2016Maureen Gathua
Karate Women
Captains Award 2016Maureen Gathua
Coaches Award 2016Esther Murerwa
Rookie of the year 2016Milliecent Menya
Most Improved player 2016Sharon Mumbi
Most Valuable player 2016Maureen Gathua
Rugby Men
Captains Award 2016Churchill Ooko
Coaches Award 2016Gabriel Adero
Rookie of the year 2016Dennis Juma
Most Improved player 2016Gideon Makumi
Most Valuable player 2016Alex Olaba
Volleyball  Men
Captains Award 2016Oscar Ademba
Coaches Award 2016Collins Otieno
Rookie of the year 2016Enock Some
Most Improved player 2016Trevor Radido
Most Valuable player 2016David Ogola
Volleyball Women
Captains Award 2016Alison Atieno
Coaches Award 2016Lucky Juma
Rookie of the year 2016Sarah  Beth
Most Improved player 2016Patricia Miriam
Most Valuable player 2016Leah Okumu