Strathmore University September Intake

By | June 18, 2019

Strathmore University September Intake, get ahead in your career and apply now for the september intake masters and diploma programmes.

The Masters in Applied Philosophy and Ethics is designed to provide an overview of the role of a manager or leader in shaping the ethics of an organization.

It also provides a theoretical foundation in philosophy through which each individual can apply the ethical principles to personal and professional situations.

Through a background of Philosophy, students are able to use what they have learnt to create and sustain an ethical organizational culture with a clear understanding of the nature of ethics, and the role ethics plays in business.

This not only enables them to solve the most commonly encountered ethical dilemmas faced in an organization or company but provides practical advice on the general strategies for managing ethics with philosophical tools used in shaping the ethical culture of a team, work group or organization.

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Master of Science in Information Technology 

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc. IT) programme is uniquely designed for information technology graduates who aspire to improve and broaden their technical skills as well as the leadership skills needed to design, build, integrate and manage information technology systems and programs, and consistently tune IT strategies and offerings in alignment with the enterprise’s business goals and processes while learning the application of business principles. This combined skill set offers an edge to MSc. IT graduates by giving them ability to bridge the gap between fundamental technologies and business strategies thus bringing impactful value to the business.

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Master of Science in Computer-Based Information Systems 

This programme sheds light on technical, managerial and policy issues associated with constructing and managing computer-based information systems for businesses in modern day organizations. The program offers an in-depth exploration of the ever-growing challenges enterprises face and the critical information technologies used to manage those challenges. This program is designed to accommodate students from wide ranging undergraduate degree backgrounds. The course provides a foundation in key areas of IT ranging from strategic management, project management, network infrastructure management, enterprise data management technology all of which are key to an IT related Job.

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Master of Commerce 

The Master of Commerce programme will allow you to learn more about your chosen subject area, critically view the world and carry out an independent piece of research. These knowledge, skills and competencies mean MCOM graduates are well-prepared for professional roles and business consulting. The course equips you with the advanced skills and knowledge required for a high-level position in industry, business and government. The course offers specialisation in such areas as general accounting, forensic accounting, environmental accounting, finance, marketing, international business management and operations management.

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Master of Science in Mathematical Finance 

The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance programme is designed to prepare students to further pursue careers in finance. The programme entails a strong mathematical background to educate you in state-of-the-art mathematical and quantitative finance. Key industry leaders such as financial institutions, investment banks, and commodities firms rely upon highly sophisticated mathematical models to identify, measure, and manage risk. These models require professionals with extensive skills in both finance and mathematics.

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Master of Science in Statistical Science

The Master of Science in Statistical Science is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the concepts and practice of statistics and related fields. Graduates are prepared for positions of responsibility and expertise in the industry. The course aims to provide opportunities for enhancing graduates ability in understanding of statistical modelling of physical, biological and economic phenomena so they can contribute to applied research and development in industry, commerce and research.

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Master of Science in Biomathematics

The Master of Science in Biomathematics provides numerous opportunities for individuals trained in a quantitative discipline, such as mathematics, with additional training in topics that are essential to tackling biological problems. The objective of the programme is to produce graduates with a rigorous foundation in the mathematical modelling of biological systems and with practicability.

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MBA for Executives

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Entrepreneurship

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship prepares individuals to set up, manage and scale up businesses with outstanding professionalism. Special emphasis will be accorded to business sustainability and job creation.

This is a highly practical course designed specifically for entrepreneurially oriented individuals to nurture their talents to allow them to broaden their entrepreneurial skills through interactive and a very practical learning eco system within Strathmore Institute. The course puts focus on entrepreneurs who are looking at job creation.

Program Objectives:

  1. The individual undertaking this course will be expected to create a business and sustain it throughout the duration of the course. The performance of the business will be graded as part of the course.
  2. The businesses can be run individually or as groups, enhancing teamwork.
  3. To impart practical skills by offering mentorship programme, coaching sessions for all the students and a seed programme to the top three students in the business, through collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation.
  4. To impart practical knowledge to develop sound foundations in entrepreneurship.
  5. Enable identification of their strength and weaknesses hence make wise investment decisions.
  6. To develop ability to critically evaluate challenges facing their businesses and formulate realistic solutions.
  7. To help entrepreneurs adapt in a rapidly changing global marketplace.
  8. Empower individuals with applicable knowledge in the local and global business environment.
  9. Prepare individuals for progression to higher levels of study.
  10. We offer all students mentorship and a seed programme for the top three students in the business through a partnership of Strathmore University and Wadhwani Foundation.

Diploma in Tourism Management

This diploma gives candidates knowledge on technical and competency based roles in the tourism industry.

It entails teaching knowledge and skills required to make individuals outstanding professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Individuals undertaking this course gain knowledge in core tourism, leisure and hospitality in a way that benefits the local as well as the global market. It draws upon the social and natural sciences, recreation, business, and planning disciplines to provide an integrated understanding of tourism as a global industry and source of economic, environmental and social change.

Program Objectives:

  1. Equip individuals with outstanding operational and competency based skills in the tourism and travel industry.
  2. Provide individuals with tourism knowledge and tourism competency based skills that will enable productive labor force in hospitality organizations.
  3. Teach individuals how to properly analyze the local and global tourism market economically and hence become productive tourism managers in funds allocation.
  4. Teach individuals how to apply critical thinking skills and develop problem solving and decision making techniques to meet the needs of the ever demanding and ever changing tourism industry.
  5. Design and implement tourism management ideas that enhance organizational performance
  6. To impart practical skills by offering mentorship programme, coaching sessions for all the students through collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation.

Diploma in Journalism and New Media

The Diploma in Journalism and New Media is a unique programme designed to take advantage of emerging new media platforms that have revolutionized communication globally as we know it. Traditional media houses have been compelled to change and transform their way of doing business in order to survive the unwavering surge of digital and new media.

The course will include lectures, knowledge sharing from media and communication professionals and practical tours and assignments, all of which are geared towards producing world-class professionals in media who will provide their expertise with integrity and passion. Additionally, these professionals will be highly competent to be recruited worldwide and provide skilled services as reporters, social media gurus, teachers and communication specialists.

Ultimately, the course will empower the students to appreciate their critical roles as positive socio-cultural, economic, environmental and political change agents.

The diploma in Journalism and New media will prepare students to become practitioners in numerous professional fields, both in public and private sectors, that will include, but are not limited to, production, public relations, social and digital media strategists, corporate communication officers and specialists, marketers, advertisers, copywriters, news reporters, editors and teachers.

Program objectives:

  1. Give individuals undertaking the course a clear perspective on how to use communication as a tool for effective public relations.
  2. Prepare individuals to become outstanding professionals on matters of public policy.
  3. To impart skills in marketing communications and media strategies across screen, print and online platforms.
  4. To impart an in-depth understanding of the political, economic and media contexts in which the industry works both locally and globally.
  5. Prepare for progression to higher levels of study.
  6. To prepare individuals to use holistically leverage communication to raise societal awareness of critical concerns and become agenda setters and problem-solvers.
  7. To impart practical skills by offering mentorship programme, coaching sessions for all the students through collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation.

Diploma in Procurement

This diploma prepares individuals to work in managerial as well as supervisory roles in coordination of the flow of goods and services.

The curriculum develops co-operation between the academic and practical; aspects in the field of logistics and supply.

It encompasses good and services from the point of origin as raw material to the point of consumption as finished goods. It also focuses on the actual transportation of those goods to the individual clients. Candidates are enlightened on the practical management and facilitation of goods and services.

Program objectives:

  1. Imparts knowledge on how to improve productivity, quality and efficiency of operations involving logistics and supplies.
  2. Impart knowledge on overseeing operations such as managing processes for shipping and warehousing.
  3. Teaches how to coordinate the logistics of all aspects of the supply chain which consists of the plan or strategy, the source of raw materials and services, manufacturing, delivery and logistics, and the return system for defective or unwanted products.
  4. Teach the practical management of all the processes in the logistics and supply chain process.
  5. To prepare individuals to be able to evaluate procurement and supplies issues and come up with solutions from a professional, practical based, academic and moral perspective.
  6. To enhance their analytical capabilities in supplier selection and procurement processes in the supply chain line in Kenya and across the globe.
  7. Enhances design sourcing and purchasing strategies.
  8. To develop problem-solving, analytical and decision making skills with the case based methodology and work based learning.
  9. Prepare for progression to higher levels of study.
  10. To impart practical skills by offering mentorship programme, coaching sessions for all the students through collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation.

Diploma in International Relations

This diploma includes a wide range of academic disciplines, such as political science, economics, sociology, law, security, and related areas all purposed to develop the global citizen and the global society.

The Diploma in international relations will explore the major global and multicultural perspectives allowing students to gain an understanding of a complex and interconnected world through close study of historical, political, economic, legal, and cultural forces. The diploma in international relations prepares you for either a career in the international business community, governments, diplomatic corps, as well as private and international non-governmental organizations. It will also assist you in preparing for further graduate study in international relations, international law, political science, development or policy studies.

Program objectives:

The diploma in international relations aims to enable the students to enter into the job market with knowledge, skills and confidence that would enable them to contribute positive and effective service in the diplomatic and international relations field.

By developing persons and society to play positive roles in the international arena the program works towards the mission of Strathmore to provide all round quality education for ethical and social development and service to the society.

In line with the goals, the programme endeavors to integrate the following competencies in the courses:

  1. Apply communicative, critical and creative thinking skills necessary to contribute towards positive international relations
  2. Explain the concepts of international relations as applied to theoretical, and practical contexts
  3. Apply effective solutions to international relations problems based on a thorough knowledge and skills relevant to the diplomatic and international arena
  4. To impart practical skills by offering mentorship programme, coaching sessions for all the students through collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation.