Strathmore University Kendrick Lamar Question

By | June 18, 2019

Strathmore University Kendrick Lamar Question, whoever said listening to hip-hop will not help your grades clearly is not a Strathmore University student. 4th year Actuarial Science and Financial Economics students woke up this morning, probably very early, to revise their theories and formulas, but few expected Kendrick Lamar’s songs to be part of the question.

The first question, which was compulsory, tested the students’ understanding of consumerism and its dangers, with reference to Lamar’s song, Vanity Slave.

Here is an excerpt of Lamar’s hit:

I care about my pride too much, if my clothes is new

if my ride is plush, if my hair is cut, if my diamonds is crushed

I look in the mirror, I’m trendy enough? Wrong

Insecurity roams the black community

Homes where kids must have jewelry

The high school female need earrings and details

so she can be cool to be amongst popularity

The various name brands that reach the price scan

that’s not about the right price, but more like the right scam

to rule us all, confuse us all

This is the first time a Kenyan university is embedding contemporary hip-hop in an exam, at least to our knowledge. However, several rappers including Lamar and Drake, have had their works form part of a Uni course material or class topic. Who said being a hip-hop head doesn’t pay?

Full question: In the words of Kendrick Lamar (popular rapper of the good kid, m.a.a.d city fAME), “If you get your first big cheque and you cop before you buy a house. You’re a vanity slave.” In the song, Vanity Slave, Mr. Lamar speaks openly about mindless consumerism. Explain three dangers of consumerism. (6 marks)