Pwani University Exams

By | May 10, 2019

Pwani University Exams,  Pwani University (PU) is a comprehensive university offering a wide range of programs and fields of study. At PU students are given the opportunity to explore academic desires guided by experienced academicians.

The guidance by these experts helps you to maximize your potential in the career path you choose to pursue. The Chairs of various academic departments act as mentors to students registered in their departments. They will help you to navigate your academic almanac in all the time of your study period.

As you share your interests they will assist you make sense of those interests and show you how they fit in to your path to success. The University sits in spacious serene compound giving you the necessary urge to study hard but under a cool and enticing environment.

When on session PU provides a series of programs that introduce new and continuing students to everything from academics to campus life. This wide variety of activities will leave you with a chance to try something new, meet some friends and build lasting memories for years to come. 

School of Education
School of Business and Economics

– All Programmes

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

-All Programmes

School of Health and Human Sciences

All programmes

 School of Pure and Applied Sciences
School of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness

-All programmes

School of Environmental and Earth Sciences

-All Programmes

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