Presbyterian University Of East Africa Application Form

By | August 7, 2017

Presbyterian University Of East Africa Application Form



If you’ve checked the application closing date for the programme that
you want to apply for, and you meet or will meet the entry requirements
before the programme in which you intend to study, then you’re ready to
apply for admission

Application Procedure

i. All applicants must complete an application form either
electronically or in hard copy and submit it to the Academic Registrar‘s
office. The application forms are available at the Admissions Office –
Kikuyu and Nairobi Town Campus. The electronic application form is
available on the PUEA website (
The application form should be accompanied by all supporting documents
showing the applicant’s qualifications. Application forms shall be
processed only upon receipt of stipulated non-refundable application
fee. After processing the application, the Academic Registrar shall
communicate the decision in writing to all applicants.

ii. The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of any
documents submitted for the purpose of securing admission. Should such
documents be proved at any time to be fraudulent, admission will be
nullified and/or certificates issued on the basis of such documents
shall be withdrawn and cancelled.

The programs on offer:

Masters of Business Administration
Bachelor of Education (Arts)
Bachelor of Education (Science)
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Theology
Certificates and Diploma in various courses.

For more information contact us on
Mobile no:0723 799 904

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