Multimedia University Of Kenya Faculty Of Science And Technology

By | May 15, 2019

Multimedia University Of Kenya Faculty Of Science And Technology, the Faculty of Science and Technology was founded in the year 2013 with three departments: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and Computer Science.


To be an internationally recognized center of academic and professional excellence of Science & Technology in Kenya and beyond.

The Faculty of Science & Technology is determined to produce graduates with the ability to;

  1. Work as a team with analytical, problem solving, decision-making, communication and practical skills.
  2. Carry out Internationally accepted research works in selected fields.
  3. Be socially and ethically responsible graduates.

Strategic Goals

  1. Emphasize International standard in Research and Development.
  2. High quality instructional opportunities that respond to the student-centered teaching and learning activities.
  3. The students and graduates are of high quality with the breadth and depth of knowledge and professional skills and social responsibility and ethical   mind that prepare them for a productive life in an ever-changing world.

Our scientists are recognized worldwide for their high quality research work. Within the faculty research is focused on Statistics, Pure and Applied Mathematics. We also have a strong collaboration with industrial partners and other national and international research institutes.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology!Since the inception of the Faculty in 2013, we have been actively engaged in building a world class Faculty.Our goal and mission is to create elite undergraduate programmes by conducting undergraduate curriculum reforms, through our industrial partnership networks, to match the needs of the region and to connect with global development through academic exchange programmes.

The Faculty is committed to fostering excellence in education and research. Consequently, we have created competitive research-focused graduate programmes to match the ever changing needs of the market. We sustain an industrial network and maintain robust academic exchange programs to ensure global standards and recognition.I encourage prospective students to visit our website and institution to explore our facilities and discover how prepared we are to equip the young people for the future.

In Multimedia University of Kenya, we are a team. Be one of us. If you have new ideas that can inspire us, please feel free to share with us. We cannot make the Faculty of Science and Technology better without your support.  Your dream is our challenge. Dr. Sitawa Wattanga
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
E-mail: [email protected]

Faculty Programmes

Masters Programmes

  1. Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry
  2. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  3. Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  4. Master of Science in Statistics

Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry
  3. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry
  5. Bachelor of Science in Applied Optics and Lasers
  6. Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Technology