Mount Kenya University Kisii Campus

By | June 21, 2019

Mount Kenya University Kisii Campus, Kisii is synonymous with soap stone carvings. It is an art that is learnt right from the cradle and handed down to generations. With the increasing cosmopolitan nature of the town and access to education, this hitherto traditional past time has been transformed into a lucrative commercial activity.

Kisii town, the location of the MKU Campus is the headquarters of Kisii County. According to Wikipedia,the town was initially known as “Bosongo,” derived from “Abasongo”, which means “white people”.

British soldiers were the first inhabitants here, running from gunfire from German soldiers in Lake Victoria in the early 20th Century. Since then, Kisii has always been cosmopolitan by nature, attracting residents and revellers of diverse racial and tribal affiliations. It is also easy to appreciate the rampant  entrepreneurial spirit of the people here. Kisii also has a reputation for producing choice bananas, tea and sugarcane.

Campus History

Distance from Main Campus: 343 kilometres. Kisii Campus was started in March, 2012. It is one of the competing universities in the region, where almost all public and private universities have a presence. The Campus has acquired its own land and premises, which it intends to develop to enable it take the lead in the County. Kisii is a cosmopolitan area.

Contact details

Umoja Complex
P.O. Box 4441 Kisii
Cell: +254 707891899