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By | June 21, 2019

Mount Kenya University Kakamega, ask a local about Kakamega and they will tell you about chicken, maize meal, sugarcane, forests and bull fighting. But this town, which derives its name from the early Europeans’ style of eating Ugali (a local delicacy made from maize flour), is more than just about food. Kakamega, according to Wikipedia, roughly translates to “pinch.” It lies about 30 km North of the Equator in Western Kenya and its nine constituencies namely Malava, Ikolomani, Matungu, Khwisero, Shinyalu, Lurambi, Lugari, Butere and Mumias make it the second most populated county after Nairobi.

Though the town’s economic mainstay is farming, reports by geologist Albert Ernest Kitson sparked the Kakamega gold rush in the 1930s. Some people are still prospecting. Two must-see attractions of the town are Kakamega Forest, that is home to more than 400 bird species, and the Crying Stone of Ilesi, a 40-metre-tall natural rock in the shape of a human being. Its “eyes” drip water. “This town means ‘pinch’”


Distance from Main Campus: 367 kilometres. The campus started as a teaching centre for school-based students for Eldoret Campus in December, 2011. Demand for other programmes notably Bachelor of Medical Laboratory, Bachelor of Environmental Health, and Bachelor of Business Management saw the starting of regular programmes in January, 2012. The centre was elevated to a campus in March, 2012.

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