Mount Kenya University Eldoret Campus

By | June 20, 2019

Mount Kenya University Eldoret Campus, If Eldoret sneezes, Kenya catches a cold. We are talking food security, world-beating athletes, Mursik. This vast agricultural town is a main producer of maize, Kenya’s staple food and is the artery linking Western and Nothern Kenya with the rest of the country. The town gets its name from the Maasai word “eldore”, which means “stony river”.

It hosts the IAAF high attitude training camp for athletes and has been home of worldbeating runners in middle-to-long distance races. MKU Eldoret Campus helps the residents tap their talents and harness knowledge to enrich their agricultural productivity. Just as the origin of its name suggests, Eldoret is a largely cosmopolitan area and hosts people from various communities in Kenya.

 Campus History

The campus was started in October, 2010 with students who had been at the African International College, in collaboration with Gulu University.
Student population at that time was less than 30, with 11 staff members serving both teaching and non-teaching portfolios.

Only three served as full time staff. Since then, the campus has grown in terms of student numbers, staff establishment and physical resources. It recently took a bold step forward by breaking ground for construction of new facilities within the town.


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