Mount Kenya University Education Courses

By | June 20, 2019

Mount Kenya University Education Courses, the department of Educational Communication and Technology offers courses in Instructional Technology as its core business. These courses cover all the Subject Methods for the subjects offered in Primary, High Schools and Tertiary colleges.

The courses are designed to prepare students for a career as professional Designers of Instructional Systems, Educators, subject methods specialists, Educational quality and standards officers or managers of Instructional Technology.

The department also offers programmes for Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies and Business Education.

The department also offers a Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Instructional Technology. Currently, a curriculum for Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Science Education is underway.

The department has a total of eight full time teaching staff and other Associate Faculty who are well versed in their areas of specialization and have published widely.

VISION:  To be a center of excellence in quality training, research and consultancy in Instructional Technology.

MISSION: To provide all round quality education, training and innovative research by incorporating technology that reflects best practices in the society.

Programs on Offer:

  1. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  3. Bachelor of Education Primary Option (B.ED BEPO)
  4. Diploma in Education (Science)
  5. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  6. Diploma in School Management (Primary/Secondary option)
  7. Post graduate Diploma in Education
  8. Master of Education in Instructional Technology,  Options:Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies Education and Technology Education
  9. PHD in Education , Options: Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies Education, Technology Education

Department Examiners 

Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education


A teacher education programme worth its salt takes cognizance of the foundational and psychological aspects through which education becomes meaningful. Inspired by the words of John Dewey, “Education is a social process, growth and not preparation for life but is life itself,” the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Mount Kenya University adopts a value-addition approach in training educators who are not only knowledgeable but will respond adequately the diverse learning needs of their students. The department thus, plays a key role in the actualization of Kenya’s Vision 2030.In responding to the emerging educational needs, the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations in the School of Education of Mount Kenya University offers a diverse curriculum for Masters and PhD by course work, examination and thesis in Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling, Educational Counselling Psychology and Sociology of Education. This curriculum comes at a time when there is a large untapped reservoir of trained teachers who are seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills base in these areas of specialization and is guided by the principles of marketability, competitiveness, relevance and academic values.

Programmes offered:

  1. PhD in Sociology of Education
  2. PhD in Educational Psychology
  3. PhD in Educational Counselling Psychology
  4. PhD in Educational Guidance and Counselling
  5. Master of Education Specializations: Sociology of Education,Educational Guidance and Counselling, Educational Counselling Psychology and Educational Psychology

Dr. Ruth W. Thinguri

Dr. Ruth W. Thinguri : Academic Leader- Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Dr Ruth W. Thinguri is an accomplished academician and researcher. She holds the degrees of Bachelor of Education in Business Education and Economics from Kenyatta University (Kenya), Master of Education in Special Education (Multiple Disabilities, Autism and Emotional and Behavior Disorders) from Georgia State University (USA) and Doctor of Philosophy in Education in Educational Leadership management and administration from Capella University (USA)

She is currently teaching courses in research, education leadership and management and special needs education at Mount Kenya University (MKU). Before joining Mount Kenya she worked in Strathmore University as a Lecturer between 2011 and 2012. While at Mount Kenya University she served as the Dean school of education in 2013 and Academic Head School of Education in 2014. She has served as a researcher and leadership lecturer consultant to several organizations such as Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) at Nairobi University and others.

Dr Thinguri has published widely in various peer review international journals. She has published over 50 articles in various disciplines which include: school leadership and administration, early childhood education, special needs education, guidance and counselling and educational communication technology. Dr. Thinguri has extensive experience in institutional leadership and research.

Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies

About the Department

The Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies is situated in the Vice Chancellor’s Towers in the main Campus Thika, Mount Kenya University.  It is one of the largest departments in the School of Education.  It was established in 2009 and then it was called Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education at Mount Kenya University which split into three departments in 2013 hence the current name of the department. It is the hub of professional teacher development in Eastern and Central Africa.

In her endeavors to promote quality education in the country, the department has embraced the training of Primary and Secondary school teachers equipping them with knowledge and skills required to boost the status of our education sector. Since its inception, the department has offered courses ranging from Diploma in Education (Arts and Science) to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education. The departmental courses aim at producing experts in teacher education and are aligned in the realization of the Vision 2030. The departmental curricula development processes engage specialists in areas of interest, employers and our curricula are market- driven. Our teaching/learning processes are practical oriented and engage academic trips to nurture learners` practical skills and aptitudes. The department embraces the use of ICT in the Teaching/Learning process to promote integration of ICT in Education.

Our Vision

To be an international centre of excellence, promoting best practices in content delivery, pedagogical skills, leadership skills, professionalism and technological knowledge.

Our Mission

To mobilize resources, provide  holistic  skills  in  educational administration, management, curriculum studies and planning, by promoting quality professional  leadership  skills  and  supervision  of educational programmes, and service to community, through  effective  training,  management  and research.


The objectives of the department are to:

  1. Prepare pre-service and in-service teachers in all aspects of life
  2. Train teachers  on the best practices of teaching/learning across the school curriculum.
  3. Conduct professional teacher development workshops for practicing teachers.
  4. Train pre-service teachers to be of service to the society where they work.
  5. Conduct research in all areas of education.
  6. Collaborate with interested partners in educational research.
  7. Develop students’ academic communication skills and competences.
  8. Establish linkages with other education institutions globally

Programs on offer

  1. PhD in Education, Options: Curriculum studies, Educational Planning, Economics of Education, Educational Administration, leadership and Management
  2. Master of Education,Options :Curriculum studies, Educational Planning, Economics of Education, Educational Administration, leadership and Management
  3. Postgraduate Diploma In Education (PGDE)
  4. B.Ed. (Science & Arts)
  5. BED-Primary Education
  6. Diploma in Education(Arts & Science)
  7. Diploma in School Management

Mary W. Nginya

Campus:   Nairobi
Qualification: 1) PHD Student at Mount Kenya University

                   2)Master of Education in Early Childhood Education-University of     Nairobi

Address:        14396-00100 Nairobi
Phone No:       0722227151
Email address:  [email protected]

Download CV [PDF]

Area of specialization: Early Childhood Education
Research interests:    child rights and protection, teaching and learning of children
Modules written:  

  1. BEC 215- Music and Movement
  2. BEC 224- Special Needs
  3. BECP   Sociology of Education in Early Childhood


  1. Importance of Instructional Resources on the Performance of Pre-school Children in Kikuyu Division.
  2. Impact of stigma and discrimination on the rights of children aged between 4-8 years living with HIV/AIDS in Kiambu District.