Mount Kenya University Diploma In Law

By | June 20, 2019

Mount Kenya University Diploma In Law, the Diploma in Laws programme is meant to meet the current needs for paralegals with broad-based knowledge, skills and abilities. The programme incorporates specific tailor-made units that are designed to equip the students with practical skills necessary for paralegal duties. By the end of the course the student will be equipped to work in governmental and non-governmental organizations as investigating officers, court clerks, legal assistants and case-management officers.

Objectives of the Programme

  1. To train the learner to conduct legal research and apply the knowledge learned to practical situations effectively.
  2. To develop critical and analytical legal reasoning.
  3. To equip the learner in practical skills such as public relations, computer skills and record management skills to enable them be more competitive in the job market.

Course structure and duration

  1. The Diploma in Laws programme shall be offered for 4 semesters and shall consist of not less than 24 units.
  2. The programme shall not be less than 2 academic years and not more than 4 years on full time or part time basis.
  3. Each academic year shall be of two semesters, and
  4. Each semester shall be of 16 weeks of which 14 weeks shall be for learning and 2 weeks for end of semester university examinations.

In all trimesters of study, admission to a specific unit shall be subject to the candidate meeting the requirements of the School of Law.
A student wishing to temporarily suspend his/her studies must apply for academic leave. The leave becomes official only when endorsed by the Dean, School of Law. Academic leave can only be taken at the beginning of the trimester. The leave cannot extend beyond two (2) successive trimesters and will be considered as part of the course duration. A candidate on academic leave must renew his/her registration at the beginning of every trimester.

A student who no longer wishes to remain in the School of Law can withdraw from the school by writing to the Registrar, Academic Affairs. The withdrawal becomes effective when endorsed by the Senate. Provided that a student who absents himself from the School of Law programme without academic leave will be deemed to have withdrawn from the School. A student who withdraws is not eligible for re-admission.

Admission Requirements

In order to qualify for admission, a student must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements:

A mean grade of C (C plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent examination and a minimum grade C+ (C plus) in English;
At least one principal pass at the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) examinations; or
A distinction or credit pass in the Certificate in Law programme from a recognized university or any other professional or Training in a relevant field from a credited professional or training institution

School fees

Kshs. 54,000/= per semester.
Statutory Fee of 12,000 /- per academic year