Mount Kenya University Digital School

By | June 20, 2019

Mount Kenya University Digital School, this open-learning platform enables students to undertake their courses and continuous assessment tests online. It is headquartered at MKU Main Campus, Thika. The campus is ideal for those who come from far-flung areas, or those who are too busy to attend lectures. It was set up in July, 2011 in order to coordinate the university’s e-learning and generate innovative ways including student support systems to ensure that our students enjoy a learning platform that is not only convenient but focused on quality teaching and learning.

Digital Varsity has grown from a student population of 150 students to over 5,000 students within a period of less than two years. “The Campus enrolls an average of 2,000 students annually. The Campus has also established e-Learning/ ICT centres in Garissa, Malindi and Kisumu for student support. “Digital Varsity is driven by the global advancement in technology and students’ demand for higher education with quality learning, innovative teaching mechanisms, flexibility and convenience,” says the Director, Christopher Mutembei.

“Since its inception the Campus has differentiated itself as a leader in e-learning and the hub for knowledge creation, transmission and sharing across the world.”

How It works

  1. Students apply to join the varsity using the set university procedure which enatils filling an application form which can be downloaded here of picked for a campus or marketing office near you.
  2. The students are then issued with offer letter if the qualify or are adviced on other courses that they can join incase they dont meet the required minimum entry requiements by the University Senate
  3. Students are required to report to digital office for registration.During this period the students are take through the e-learning portal where they are shown how they will be accessing modules, how to interact with the lecturers through the discussion rooms and how to submit Continous Assessment Tests (CAT) and assignments
  4. From there the students are requested to choose their examinations centre where they meet again with the university as they sit for their end of semester examinations