Mount Kenya University Brochure

By | June 20, 2019

Mount Kenya University Brochure, Mount Kenya University Provides a stimulating learning environment through an innovative student-based and quality driven approach to teaching and learning. We ensure that our students enjoy a rich, highly interactive and personalized learning environment which is essential in the realization of one’s potential and preparation for the future.

Prospectus 2019

Prospectus 2019

With an emphasis of Science, technology and humanities, Mount Kenya University offers an all rounded education including moral and professional education to all persons irrespective of religion, race, gender or political affiliation, social or cultural background. It endeavors to develop well trained man power equipped with technological scientific knowledge and capacities from certificates, diplomas, under graduate and postā€graduate degree courses.

Our 2019 university Prospectus publication give the full detailed information about all the courses we offer and their particular details.

  1. Get your copy of our university prospectus booklet from our downloads page or download it here
  2. Download Mount Kenya University Rwanda Prospectus here