Moi University Muso

By | April 17, 2019

Moi University Muso, Moi University students Organisation (MUSO) chairperson Mr. Jared Mogire has been suspended. In a memo released by the office of the secretary general, the big man of the union has been accused of gross violation of the constitution for the following charges:

  • Use of vulgar language against fellow directors.
  • Fraud, collection of money illegally from the first years during their reporting date.
  • Failure to follow the right procedure in proposal writing and approval.
  • Use of the MUSO office to advance personal agenda.
  • Intimidations.
  • Failure to promote team work with fellow directors.

The memo copied to the office of the Dean of students, DVC Students` Affairs and the Vice Chancellor further summoned the director to appear before the Students Governing. He was suspended after the fellow directors passed a vote of no confidence against him. This comes barely a week after the finance director was also shown the door temporarily for squandering finances and assets of the organisation and at a time when Moi University is in the spotlight for financial crisis.