Maseno University Homabay Town Learning Centre

By | April 25, 2019

Maseno University Homabay Town Learning Centre, Since becoming a fully fledged University in the year 2001, Maseno University has made tremendous progress in establishing well conceived Faculties and schools offering various market driven degree and diploma programmes.
In order to increase access to University education, the University has now established the Homa-Bay Town Campus to cater for the ever expanding demand for University education. 

Vision Statement
Accessing University education at the door step

Mission Statement
To provide outreach information and quality teaching towards fulfilling the University’s objectives

Core Values
•    Relevance
•    Integrity
•    Excellence
•    Equality
•    Quality

•    To provide timely services to all our customers
•    To communicate exhaustively to all our customers
•    Uphold ethics and etiquettes while dealing with our customers by maintaining confidentiality
•    Provide quality teaching, research and development
•    Provide equal opportunities to all our clients


> PhD in Business Administration


> Masters in Business Administration
> Masters in Public Health
> MA in Project Planning & Management.
> MA in Social Development & Management
> MA in History
> MA in Economics
> MA in Communication & Media Studies
> MA in Kiswahili; Linguistics; Literature
> MA in Political Science; International Relations
> M. Ed in Educational Administration
> M. Ed in Pedagogy;
> M. Ed in Educational Technology
> M. Ed in Curriculum Studies.
> M. Ed in Special Needs Education.
> M. Ed in Planning & Economics of Education.
> M. Ed in Educational Psychology
> M.Sc. Pure Mathematics
> M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
> M.Sc. Applied Statistics
> in Environmental Sciences
> M.Sc. In Chemistry
> M.Sc in Industrial Chemistry
> PGD in Education

> B.Ed. Arts with IT
> B.Ed.(Early Childhood Educ., with IT)
> B.Ed.(Primary Option, with IT)
> Bachelor of Special Needs Education with IT
> Bachelor of Business Administration (with IT)
> B.A (Sociology and Anthropology, with IT)
> B.A in (Criminology ,with IT)
> B.A in Communication & Media Technology with IT
> B.A in Development Studies (with IT)
> B.A in International Relations & Diplomacy (with IT)
> B.A in Political Science (with IT)
> B.Sc in Applied Statistics (with IT)
> B.Sc in Computer Science
> B.Sc in Information Technology

> Community Development
> Peace & Security Studies
> Public Administration
> Journalism & Mass Media
> Social Work
> Project Monitoring and Evaluation
> Information Technology
> Business Administration

> Information Technology
> Business Administration
> Community Development
> Peace & Security Studies
> Environmental Impact Assessment
> Project Monitoring and Evaluation 
> Public Administration