Maasai Mara University Students Drown

By | May 30, 2019

Maasai Mara University Students Drown, Bodies of two students from Maasai Mara University who drowned on Sunday evening have been retrieved.

The victims were among a group of students having a photography session near the river when the accident occurred near the Narok GK prisons area.

The two who were studying  Business Management  were among a catholic association group that went for a picnic after a mass service at the university compound.

The bodies were retrieved on Tuesday through joint efforts of  divers from the university and the  Kenya Red Cross. Diver Christopher Kemboi,  a university employee, managed to retrieve the bodies ending the 36 hour search.

The OCPD advised those who would in future go for picnics at the section of the river to inform their relatives, colleagues or anybody and to be careful.

In November last year a prison warder and an  inmate who was serving 6 month sentence drowned at the same area. The warder was pursing the inmate who had attempted to escape after working  working at the prison quarry. The two headed towards Narok River where both disappeared and later the prison authorities found the officer’s gun, swagger stick and blood stains at the river bank.