Maasai Mara University Phd Courses

By | May 31, 2019

Maasai Mara University Phd Courses, Below is the full detail of all the Postgraduate diploma, masters and doctorate courses offered at the Maasai Mara University, MMU.

School of Arts & Social Sciences
1.      Master of Social Work
2.      Master of Arts in Philosophy
3.      Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration
4.      Master of Arts in Religion
5.      Master of Arts in Linguistics
6.      Master of Arts (Kiswahili)
School of Science & Information Sciences
1.      Master of Science in Applied Statistics
2.      Master of Science in Chemistry
3.      Master of Science in Physics
4.   Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
5.   Master of Science in Computer Science
6.   Master of Science in Information Science
7.   Master of Science in Applied Entomology
School of Education
1.   Master of Education (Executive) in Leadership & Policy Studies
2.   Master of Education (Curriculum, Instruction and Media)
3.   Master of Education (Educational Administration)
4.   Master of Education (Early Childhood Development)
5.   Master of Education (Educational Psychology)
6.   Master of Education (Sociology of Education)
7.   Master of Education (History of Education)
8.   Master of Education (Comparative Education)
9.   Master of Education (Guidance & Counselling)
10.   Master of Education (Philosophy of Education)
11.   Master of Education (Special Needs Education)
School of Business and Economics
1.   Master of Science in Human Resource Management
2.   Master of Business Administration
3.   Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management
3.   Master of Science in Economic Policy Analysis and Management
4.   Master of Science in Economics and Statistics
5.   Master of Science in Financial Economics
School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management
1.   Master of Arts in Geography
2.   Master of Environmental Planning and Management
3.   Master of Science  in Environmental Studies
4.   Master of Science in Land Resource Management
5. Master of Science in Wildlife Resource Management.
School of Arts & Social Sciences
1.      Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics
2.      Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili
School of Science & Information Sciences
3.      Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
4.      Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Statistics
5.      Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
6.      Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
7.      Doctor of Philosophy in Pure Mathematics
School of Education
1.      Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Curriculum and Media Studies)
2.      Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Educational Administration)
3.   Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology
4.   Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Guidance and Counselling
School of Business and Economics
1.   Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management 
1.   Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Planning and Management
2.   Doctor of Philosophy in Land Resource Management
3.   Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies