Maasai Mara University News

By | May 31, 2019

Maasai Mara University News, Part-time lecturers at Maasai Mara University have accused the institution of delaying their pay.

The 70 lecturers who tutored in the university and its five satellite campuses that were closed down alleged they were being intimidated when they demand for their dues.

On November 20th,  four of the lecturers were arrested in Narok town and detained in Narok police station. Area deputy OCPD Charles Ouma said they were arrested for meeting to plan protests without a permit or police knowledge.

They appeared in Court on November 22 and were released on bond but their counterparts insisted the arrest was a ploy to silence them.

Paul Namai who is demanding Sh120, 000 from the varsity claimed the four were called by some university officials to negotiate payment of the arrears only to be ambushed by police.

“I am aware they are looking for me that is why I ran to Nairobi. They are bullying us to give up,” claimed Namai.

His allegations were echoed by a tutor who claimed she demanded Sh1.8 million from the institution. Maisiba Ogega, also a tutor demanding over a million shillings claimed some payment has been delayed since 2013.

The University’s acting deputy vice chancellor Almadi Obere said they were not party to their arrest.

“As of now they are not teaching this semester. They ask to teach for a semester and it is when they completed, marked and returned the scripts that they can place their claims,” said Obere.