Laikipia University Email Address

By | June 4, 2019

Laikipia University Email Address, the contact details for the laikipia University is provided below, please don’t hesitate in reaching us when having troubles.

Contact Us


Laikipia University
P.O. Box 1100 – 20300
Nyahururu, Kenya

Admission Office Enquiries:
+254(0)20 267 1779,
+254(0)20 267 1771,
+254(0)729285 902,
Email:[email protected]

Contacts Directory

Office of the Vice-Chancellor[email protected]254(0)713 552 761
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (A&R)[email protected](0)202588555
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AF&D)[email protected]+254(0)0712025082
Finance Office[email protected](020)2671768
Office of the Registrar (Administration)[email protected]+254(0)0771678035
Office of the Registrar (AA)[email protected]+254(0)0729281902
School of Education[email protected]+254(0)770188000
Students Finance[email protected]+254 (0)777847392
School of Humanities and Development Studies[email protected]+254(0)713745004
Nyahururu Campus[email protected]+254(0)726765716
Nakuru Campus[email protected]+254(0)708764131
+254(0)708 765176
Maralal Campus[email protected] 
Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies[email protected] 
Department of Curriculum & Educational Management & Education Foundation[email protected]+254(0)726765716
Department of Psychology[email protected] +254(0)723149456
Department of Biological & Biomedical Sciences Technology[email protected] +254(0)723256757
Department of Mathematics[email protected] +254(0)706512073
Department of Chemistry[email protected]+254(0) 723450516
Department of Literary and Communication Studies[email protected] +254(0)723095418
Department of Sports Science[email protected] +254(0)720503484
Department of Physics[email protected] +254(0)721734602
Institute of Arid Lands Management[email protected] +254(0)722695379
Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards[email protected] +254(0)0739-244760+254(0)0707-869344
Directorate of Planning and Performance Contracting[email protected] +254(0)722428214
Directorate of Post Graduate and Undergraduate Studies[email protected]+254(0)715777460
Directorate of Research and Extension Consultancy[email protected] +254(0)722711456
Directorate of External Linkages[email protected] +254(0)724048505
Dean of Students[email protected] +254(0)721857472
Catering Department[email protected]  +254(0)722602565
Security Department[email protected] +254(0)725685234
Procurement Department[email protected](020)2687301
Department of Computing and Informatics[email protected] +254(0)722499397
Medical Department[email protected]  +254(0)0705824331
Internal Audit Department[email protected] +254(0)727988712
Estates and Maintenance Department[email protected]  +254(0)722351361
Transport Department[email protected]  +254(0)722746281
Library Department[email protected]+254(0)726543873
Halls Department[email protected]  +254(0)725488452
University Farm[email protected]  +254(0)722427768