Laikipia University Downloads

By | June 3, 2019

Laikipia University Downloads, the University has a unique history that has evolved through different educational phases. It was started in April 1929 by a British Colonial farmer cum educationist by the name William Thomas Alfred Levet.

The Institution was by then a whites’ only primary school with a large farm, which was sold to Guy Bullen in February 1959. Mr. Bullen sold it to Ministry of Agriculture in 1965. Between 1965 and 1970, the Institution served as a Large–scale Farmers training (LSFTC) college.

KUCCPS 2018-2019 Freshmen Downloads

  1. Freshmen Registration Process 
  2. Freshmen Medical Registration Notice 
  3. NHIF Membership Registration Form 
  4. KUCCPS 2018-2019 Admission List – Updated
  5. Download Admission Letter
  6. Notice to All 2018 KUCCPS Freshmen
  7. Accomodation Notice for 1st Years
  8. Students Personal Details Form
  9. Rules & Regulations, Students Conduct Forms

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